Couples Want Me To Join Them In Bed? Idk What To Do Mom's Not Home??

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Britney_j | 14:25 Mon 09th Mar 2015 | Family & Relationships
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PLEASE READ I FEEL SO ALONE IN THIS. Those couples are our neighbors they're nice and they've known me since I was 10 now I'm 16. So mom left Florida 3 days ago and yesterday they came to me and told me to hang out with them in thei house(I'm home alone) I went and there they asked me if I have a bf if I ever kissed someone if I had sex I just laughed and shrugged not saying anything cause it's embarrassing to talk bout it all. Then the guy went to smoke outside and the woman told me that she wants me to join them in bed and that she's secretly bi and that it would be hot. They're both 40 something. I said no sorry then she started touching my knee my tummy a little telling me I'm "pretty fit" and playfully touching my hair I felt uncomfortable and said that I'm dizzy wanna go home sleep she insisted on that I should sleep here I said no thanks(she speaks so politely I feel rude when I say no) then she kissed me on my cheek and hugged me brushing over my butt quickly I winced she noticed cause it was like a shudder and she smiled I left and outside her husband smiled big at me and winked. I keep staring at my phone wondering if I should tell mom or not I don't want her to worry? My parents are divorced and she's always over protective so idk if I should tell her?


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yes tell her and the Police -you are under the age of consent in your State.
Yes, you are a minor in Florida - what they tried was illegal. The age of consent is 18 for your State.
you need to tell your Mom about this now, what the neighbours did is against the law.If you can not get your Mom on the phone then call the police and tell them what has happened. I am worried that your Mom has left you home alone I do not think she should have done it, get on the phone to her now!
Absolutely tell her, keep the doors shut and don't go there again till this is dealt with.
Is there another relative nearby that you can call, re your own safety?
Why shouldn't someone be left alone at 16. She's not a baby, for goodness sake.
^ Wrote that all wrong - don't go there again ever!
her mother left the state and technically she's a minor
Svejk, this isn't the Czech Republic where the age of consent is 15....she's considered a minor in Jeb Bush's old state.
But what are the laws on leaving children unattended?

They vary from county to county in the UK.
Florida has no set law on this.....
I wouldn't get in a baby sitter for my 16 year old.

To answer the OP, ring your mum, she'll be gutted if you keep this to yourself just so you don't worry her.
Not nice people waiting til your Mum is not around. You need to tell your Mum, meanwhile if you are at school is there a female teacher you can confide in or the parents of a friend? An older remale cousin? Someone adult who can stay with you? You have done nothing wrong.
This is so sad...this girl has been brave enough to put forward her fear and most of the comments are people arguing what's right and wrong in whatever part of the world....
I suggest you contact your nearest relative or the police and explain your situation, yes, they are your neighbours and yes it might be awkward but what they have tried to do is wrong, end of
I don't know what to say so will leave this to others but do feel you are at risk.
It all sounds a little unsavoury to me.
Don't know what the outcome has been but I really hope that this young lady had the courage to tell this rather disgusting couple to clear off. And to inform the Police and whoever passes for Social Services in the USA. I think that the parents of this young person should be informed. Why has she been left alone at such a young age? I think they should possibly be prosecuted for allowing their child (well under the age of majority) to be placed in such danger.

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Couples Want Me To Join Them In Bed? Idk What To Do Mom's Not Home??

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