Abusive/controlling Relationship

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black_cat51 | 12:54 Sun 21st Dec 2014 | Family
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hello, my mother in law has a history in my opinion of picking rubbish relationships. (she split with my husband's dad many years ago and has two marriages since then)
At the moment she has a boyfriend, who seems to do nothing but take advantage of her. IMO he's a useless layabout He doesn#t live with her but from what i can see he comes over to get fed, borrow money, get drunk and use her electricity. like other people in abusive relationships she says things like "i've asked him to stop coming over" but with the other hand invites him over (or doesn't tell him to *** off when he does), or says things like she was disappointed when she didn't see him.
Anyway, she lives in a housing association house, and when i was over there the other dayi noticed there was some post addressed to the boyfriend's son in the hall. This son is also a useless layabout with no job but a big drinking habitHe certainly doesn't live there.
what advantage could the son gain by using my M-I-L's address? could he be up to something nefarious?


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Yes. I would have nicked it and opened it to see - yes I know that's illegal but you wouldn't get caught.
I would have had that in my bag and returned in to sender not known at this address.
"could he be up to something nefarious? "

May be or may be not, but either way it's none of your business and you won't be thanked if you try to interfere.
Good idea Sycamore - better than mine :(

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Abusive/controlling Relationship

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