Seeking Grandfater's Ww1 Record

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Whoever | 10:46 Mon 22nd Sep 2014 | Family
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Accidentally posted previously in wrong section. Apologies.

Are there any websites which will help me track down which regiment my grandfather served in during WW1, and where in France he might have fought. He was not killed in action and returned safely.


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The usual genealogy sites will have some details but involves joining or pay-per-view. For example, I know Ancestry has lists of medals awarded. They've made these records available for free a couple of weekends recently and for the last couple of years also on the weekend nearest to 11 November. It's just a case of looking out for the adverts on TV. I don't have the subscription to help but maybe someone else will kindly look it up if you post his details under the History/genealogy section.You may not be able to find out much more than that as a lot of WW1 service records were accidentally destroyed during WW2 by either fire or being bombed - not sure which. Although of course, there may be general info about his regiment online.
Your library and archives services (if you are in England) have the pay-to-use sites for free)
Lots of our local historical societies are doing special projects this year. Some local authors are also asking for info, They have the names and dates and are looking for personal details.

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Seeking Grandfater's Ww1 Record

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