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alidoc | 19:03 Sun 25th May 2014 | Family
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Does anyone know when times of birth were added to birth certificates when the birth is multiple. One of the questions asked in the 1911 census was how many children had been born to the parents and how many were still living. I discovered that my great grandparents had lost 5 children. I've managed to find 2 of them in other census returns but the others must have been born between censuses. Twins run in our family so I wondered if they might have had twins. Unfortunately they have a common surname so I have about 100 names of babies and young children who may be candidates.


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Hiya, am no expert, but it looks to be around 1st April 1969 when multiple births 'time of birth' started to be recorded on Birth certificates....
(Ref; Page 2 of the below UK Gov link) (Page 1 shows that prior to this date the info was not recorded):

Hope it helps you in your search :-)
My great-great grandfather, born in 1839, has his time of birth recorded on his birth certificate......there is no certificate, birth, or death for his supposed twin....

My grandmother was a twin....although born passed midnight and so didn't share a birth-date with her twin-sister.
Yep, sorry alidoc - please ignore my previous post - I've just re-read it and I think the Page 2 relates to before 1969 - If you google 'twins time birth certificate uk' in images, it comes up with loads of 1800's twin birth certs with the time of birth on.
Are you able to type in the mothers maiden name to narrow your search or is that a common name also. You may be able to trace this via a marriage record or certificate.

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