How Do I Explain To My Parents That I'm Moving Out?

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DarkenedSoul | 04:45 Mon 22nd Jul 2013 | Family & Relationships
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I've been with my boyfriend for two years now and we have recently been talking about me moving in with him. I'm 19 and he is 18 and we were going to just stay at his parents house as a tester to see how we would cope in the situation, and if all goes well then we are going to look for our own place together.
My parents are very overly protective and controlling and have never liked my boyfriend, just because I'm with him. And when I say controlling I mean in the way that my mum tells me to do something for myself and when I do she pushes me out of the way and takes over, and even though im 19 she panics at the thought of me going out drinking with friends and tries to stop me. So this is also so I can get some independence of my own.

But I really don't know how to explain the fact that I want to move in with him to my parents without hurting them or causing a huge argument. I'd be really grateful if someone could help me with this, thanks.


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You don't need to explain anything.....tell them what you are doing and then do it. Might be best to pack your suitcase first, though. Good firm and just do it! X
It's time you did from the look of it. Whatever you say will be misinterpreted, but tell them it's time for you to move but want to stay in touch. You will get tantrums no doubt. They may ask why. In that case tell them what you've told us. good luck. :o}
Are you working and financially independent ? If so you can do as you please. Don't argue just make your plans and get on with them keep a good relationship with your mum you never know when you may need her. You are old enough to be making your own decisions nd be responsible for your own successes and mistakes so good luck to you and get on with your own life.
Is your motive that you want to live with your boyfriend or that you want to leave your parents? You should sort this out in your head first and do what is appropriate otherwise you may be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire,
Don't get into a row that you can avoid about this.

Sit them down, make a fuss of them, maybe with a home cooked meal. Thank them for looking after you all these years, tell them you love them and know that they want the best for you butbehaviour also love your boyfriend and are planning a future with him.

What may cause issues is the moving in with his parents, they may see this as a snub, tell them some made up practical reason like they have a little bit more room, it's closer to work etc etc rather than telling them you simply dont want to live with them any more.

remember that their bad behaviour comes from a good place, they love you and want to protect you but just make poor decisions re how to do that.

Have you any idea how much it will cost you to rent a place?

My daughter and boyfriend are in a one bedroom flat just outside Birmingham and pay about £650 a month.

Do you have access to that sort of money?
I agree that one of the stumbling blocks may be your moving in with his parents - that's not at all the same as setting up your own place, you won't get a true position of "coping with living together" at all, all you are doing is sleeping together at his house, still living with his parents. Your parents will no doubt ask why he's not moving into their house, instead.

f you are going to do it, you need to cost out what it'll cost you to rent even the tiniest flat - rent, insurance, food, saucepans, etc. - and see if you can afford it. Yo
How about
"Goodbye" ?
I had to do this a good few year's ago. i sat my mother down and told her I loved her and appreciated everything she has done for me but I was moving out to be with my boyfriend. My mother (who was a control freak) was furious and ignored me for a while, it hurt but she got over it. I went on to marry the boyfriend. You have to live your life.

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How Do I Explain To My Parents That I'm Moving Out?

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