Notifying Funeral Arrangements

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Buzzardist | 19:53 Sat 20th Jul 2013 | Family
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Can anyone help with the easiest way to post details, times, venue and arrangements for a funeral to easily reach friends far and wide so thatI could text just such a site name and then give fuller details on line.

Thanks for any help.


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If everyone's on Facebook, fine, but if not just one email to multiple recipients?
I agree with Naomi - a Facebook event, or an email to a mailing list so people can go and look at a Facebook link
Googledocs is a web based office suite with word processor so you can create a document and easily share it by sending a link. Easy and efficient
An announcement in the local paper is a start, and the traditional way
Buzzard says "far and wide" though - the people don't live locally, by the sound of it.
If you go down the traditional route and post the announcement in the local paper, most newspapers have an online version which also includes the obituaries so you could post them the link to that.
That link only works for Northern Ireland
ask your undertaker which they think has worked the best for previous clients, if anyone knows they do.
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All sorted now, thanks a million for your help.

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Notifying Funeral Arrangements

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