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jkelly24 | 20:16 Thu 11th Jul 2013 | Family
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Can anyone give me any information about the use of lockers at Alton Towers theme park please. Are they situated at each ride? Do we need coins to use them? Many thanks.


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Not sure what you mean but on rides such as Air your footwear and valuables are secured in lockers at the side of the ride whilst you're on it and no, you don't have to pay.
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Sorry if it wasn't clear, basically I mean for any bags we may take and obviously we can't take on the rides. Didn't know if there were lockers just at the entrance of the park for example or as you say at most of the rides. thanks for your answer
There are paid for lockers at the entrance to the park.

There are also storage shelves on each ride (bigger rides) but they are open and shared with all the other people using the ride.

So anything valuable you don't want to carry around with you lock it up at the entrance.

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