Toothache - 5 Year Old

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Baby_Sham | 11:49 Sat 06th Jul 2013 | Family
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My daughter has been complaining of toothache. I took her to the dentist but it was a complete disaster. She refused to open her mouth and was extremely distressed - as was the poor dentist!
He said there was a hole in one of the back teeth that he could fill, and it would then drop out in time. However, she wouldn't let him do this, and he only managed to see it for a brief moment when she opened her mouth for a few seconds.
He said the only thing he can do is refer her to the dental hospital where they will put her to sleep and extract the tooth. I am really really nervous about this happening but can't seem to convince her that she'd be better off just coming back to the dentist with me and letting him fill it. She gets really upset and anxious.

My question is, is there anything I can do to help with the pain whilst we wait for this appointment?
She won't take any medicine at all, despite me trying everything and even putting it in a yogurt (she always tastes it and spits it out) so I've been using a hot water bottle for her to rest her check on.

I know it sounds like a lost cause, but I hate seeing her in pain and just wondered if any other parents have any suggestions. I was up most of the night with her last night, crying in pain. I've tried explaining that a small spoonful of medicine will help her, but she just gets herself into a complete state and refuses to have any.

I will check back later for replies. For now, I have to go out and get BBQ supplies :-)


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One of my daughters had TB at the age of three, this was 23 years ago, and the only medication available for her was a medicine which was bright red and vile. The only way we could get the medicine down her was with a syringe ( no needle obviously ) and she had to be held down, then her mouth held shut until she swallowed it. The nurses and myself used to end up covered in...
12:44 Tue 09th Jul 2013
I'm not sure if a touch of bonjela might help? She could put that on herself. Depends where the pain is exactly, but worth a try
Or clove oil
Isnt it so frustrating when children refuse to help themselves!
They often become so distressed from the pain or discomfort they are already in, coupled with their young age, to display any kind of reason with you..
We have an extremely stubborn toddler who wont take medicine, crys at the doctors/dentist etc...... We put it down to uncertainty on the childs part, illness is a break to their routine and causes anxiety as well as the physical symptoms that they are experiencing.
Luckily as he has got older, he will take "pink medicine" (calpol) we also now have a very patient dentist and he likes to go because the waiting room has toys and books for him to use.

Have a look at this link and best of luck
I like pixie's Oil of Cloves suggestion.
Even as an adult I HATE the taste of clove oil!
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Firstly, there's no way she will go near clove. You can smell it a mile off... and it's not a nice smell either! :-)

I did think of Bonjela but, again, she won't let me anywhere near it.

I know this sounds stupid, but would Tiger Balm on the side of her cheek maybe help? Not even sure if you can use it at that age, but I'm clutching at straws.
She's ok today, but it tends to start up in the evenings, so I am preparing myself for another sleepless night.

Thank you for the link, I will have a look at that now. I felt bad saying it was frustrating, but yes that's exactly how I felt at 4am this morning!
I was saying to her, if you just have a little spoonful of medicine I promise you the pain will go away, but she just started screaming and saying no.

Thanks again.
Try her with Calpol
well, she is 5 years old so can/should be able to understand that if she has pain the medicine eg calpol will take the pain away and everyone may get a good nights sleep. so leave the medicine on a table with a drink of juice beside it, leave the room, don't fuss, and keep your fingers crossed. good luck
At 5 she's old enough to know that unless a) happens then b) will happen, ie if she doesn't take her medicine the pain will continue.

At the risk of annoying you, how forceful are you being in demanding she opens her mouth to take 2 small spoonfuls of Calpol for example?
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What would you like me to do? Strap her to the chair and force her mouth open?
Sorry, no can do... :-(

One of my daughters had TB at the age of three, this was 23 years ago, and the only medication available for her was a medicine which was bright red and vile.
The only way we could get the medicine down her was with a syringe ( no needle obviously ) and she had to be held down, then her mouth held shut until she swallowed it. The nurses and myself used to end up covered in it if she didn't swallow it, but she HAD to have it, no choice.
I tasted it one day and it was like swallowing a spoonful of nail bite solution.

At least calpol tastes nice, once you have got it down her once I would imagine that any further doses would not be a problem.
Good luck. X
My kids were a nightmare for taking medicine, still are actually, I always put it in a small glass of coke as I knew they'd drink that (til they copped on that is)
Re the Bonjela, I don't think you can use it on under 16's, read the box, unless there's one available for kids.
Baby Sham...cruel to be kind comes to mind....try bribery anything to get some pain relief into the poor wee lass. Bless her , you must be exhausted. Keep trying, you might just wear her down .
Rocky, Bonjela teething gel is for infants upwards,I believe they now do an adult one aswell. X
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Thanks for the further responses. It seems to be OK at the moment... touch wood! That's the thing, I know once she's had a spoonful, she'll realise it's not as bad as she imagines and will be ok with any further doses.
Anyway, she's on the waiting list to have it taken out at the dental hospital. I don't like the thought of this, it fills me with absolute dread, but as she won't let him anywhere near her mouth, there's not really another option.

Thanks again.
Baby Sham - wherever you take her dental surgeon should calm her down with a little bit of "gas" or twilight sleep whatever they call it now - but your wee girl isn't the only child they have encountered acting like this. I am now beginning to think originally your dentist should have calmed her down with a "sniff of something".
I think your child is picking up on your distress and perhaps playing upon it.

When my 4 year old damaged a tooth after hitting it on a tabke, there was some pain overnight and the dentist said it had to be extracted. Of course it was horrible and stressful, but we acted as though it was just so and these things happen and it'll be over in a minute, and it was. She got a lollipop and a sticker and was chuffed.

You need to concentrate on not stressing her out and being straightforward about what is going to happen and how much it will be better afterwards. Getting stressed and fretting will not help you or her.
Baby_Sham I am probably going to be very unpopular saying this but you are being too soft. I've had four kids and all have tried it on -what is better from the child's point of view, having mummy at their beck and call, the centre of attention, for as long as they want (them totally in control) or a spoonful of icky medicine? Sit her down and say she is going to take the medicine the easy way or the hard away. If she starts screaming hold her nose and when she opens her mouth stuff the medicine in -give her more than the dose because it is going to go everywhere. Its not child abuse its called parenting. BTW I have 4 lovely kids who tell me they love me all the time and give me loads of hugs, they just need to know who is actually the boss. Think 'super nanny' , once she has taken the medicine give her loads of praise and her favourite treat.
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Conne, thanks. It seems to be that the old gas and air is now only dished out in hospitals. I remember having it as a child, and it was great. You'd wake up and be on your way with a sticker.

Octavius, I am actually very calm around her and was pretty blasé about the whole thing. She was fine in the waiting room, but as soon as we got in there she went to pieces. She was stressed, I was stressed and the dentist was stressed.
Since when did dentists hand out lollipops?! :-)

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