Is 4Pm Too Late For A Fifth Birthday Party?

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york310 | 22:07 Wed 20th Feb 2013 | Family & Relationships
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My brother is looking at times, venues and entertainment for my nieces fifth birthday party and the best venue and entertainment is only available at four o'clock on a Saturday. Does this seem a reasonable time or too late?
Any thoughts appreciated.


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If its the best venue and entertainment than 4pm will be fine. Its not too late for 4 yr olds and will be fine. They can have their tea there I assume? Far better than going for a lesser venue earlier in the day.
Perfectly fine, especially as it isn't a school day following the party.
Good time. Children eat and still have time to calm down before bed. 2 hours long enough for a party at that age.
Personally I think it's too late. My four (soon to be five) year olds have a load of parties on at the moment (including their own) and the latest ends at 4pm. My littlest ones are in their pj's by 6.30 (I know some that go to bed earlier). You have to factor in getting home, opening presents, winding down, etc and maybe having some proper tea too.
Ok as long as doesn't go on too long..
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Thank you for your replies

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Is 4Pm Too Late For A Fifth Birthday Party?

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