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jd_1984 | 16:38 Tue 07th Aug 2012 | Family
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If a couple who were never married but had a child, now seperated but both have parental responsibiltiy, then one parent wants to take the child on holiday... Can the other parent leagally stop the other taking the child out of the country?

The child has a valid passport and lives with his mother, the father moved away and barely sees or pays for the kid, has said she CAN NOT take the child abroad without his consent.

Its an area I have no experience in at all, but my work colleague is the mother concerned and is asking for advice??


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If he barely sees the child how will he know they've gone?
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The mother, to keep issues above board and to be honest told the father.
If he barely sees the child, maybe she should look into having his parental responsibility removed?
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From what I can gather, the guy is a control freak. Doesnt want the full time job of bringing up a kid but wants to spoil him rotten for 2-3 days a month. However when it comes to these matters he begins to take his "responsibility" very seriously, but she says its to punish her for leaving him etc.... My opinion is you leave aside the squabbles and do whats best for the child in all circumstances.... Easire said.... He would fight hard for his parental responsibility to maintain a level of control. Feel sorry for the girl, been crying at work all day, wants to take her kid on a lovely holiday!
Well I wouldn't hesitate, she should just take the child on holiday. Shes paying and the child lives with her! what's the worst that can happen??
errr she could get arrested for kidnap!
If the father makes the child a ward of court, which is not particularly difficult, the child's name will be put on lists at every port and airport and at Channel tunnel terminals. Anyone trying to take the child out of the country will be stopped and may be arrested. Officials in these places are supposed always to check when children are being taken abroad by a single adult, in case of kidnap.
You can get the consent of a court. If the agreement about the child's parents' responsibilities were registered with a court, write to the court and ask for the refusal to be overruled. Otherwise you may well have to get a solicitor involved.
She can take her child on holiday, if it less than a month she needs to 'inform' anyone with parenetal responsibility- does not need permission! If it is more than a month she needs permission. Im from UK, and i know thats right for here.

This explains it quite well.

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