Monster mother-in-law lol!

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MissCommando | 21:42 Sat 17th Sep 2011 | Family
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My mother in law is very jealous that I am going on holiday with my family, it's pathetic. We live round the corner from her so she sees my daughter pretty much everyday. I live over 100 miles from my family so I am really excited that I'm going away with them.

Mother in law hasn't passed any comments to me, she said a few things to my husband (which he has told me). I am absolutely seething about it to be honest and have done my best to avoid her since I found out. She was the same when her daughter went away with her in laws.

These are the comments she made -

Why couldn't we go away on our own (we're going away with them next year with husband's sister and kids so no different!)

That last time I went on hols with my family, she said my husband broke his spine (he hit his back on a boat and had a very slight fracture) so said don't do anything stupid again

That we'd have to watch my daughter's behaviour as she'd prob be very cheeky when we get back

She asked my husband how my sister could afford to go away!

She said more fool my nan for paying for our accommodation (she's got a time share so we're just paying for flights and food)

That we shouldn't take my 4 and a half year old out of school! (We've got consent from head teacher)

And how would we cope with 3 suitcases (my husband is disabled so of course my family would help with the suitcases!)

I have been avoiding mother-in-law ever since as I feel like if I see her, I may say something. This is more of a rant rather than a question. Anyone got any advice or been through anything similar?


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Some people don't actually realise that they are winding others up. My mother was the same and I would just bite my tongue and then rant about it elsewhere. As long as you don't fall out with your husband about it then just take it with a pinch of salt. Have a lovely holiday with your family, take lots of pictures and use them to gloat with when you get back.
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Thanks ladies. My husband is in agreement with me and told his mum not to be pathetic, even my father in law was shaking his head (disapproving) everything she said and said he doesn't know what her problem is.

I think it's best if I don't let her see my photos, I may show her 1 or 2 nice ones of my daughter but none of my family and I'll say what a wonderful holiday it was. We're going next Sat :)

She makes me so mad! My mum came up last weekend for one night and when my husband went to pick our daughter up and told her my mum was coming, she wanted to know why! My husband said to visit
My husband's mother, before we were married, took the opportunity to bring out a newspaper clipping of his ex-fiancé showing how well she was doing in some new job. She did this in a pub in front of his sister, her husband and some friends - she really was a cow!
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Good god Sherrard, that's awful. When I 1st started dating my husband, she did call me his ex's name a couple of times but I don't think that was deliberate.
Do you get on ok with her now?
Perfectly - she's dead!
Sorry, that sounds awful. I was 19 when I started going out with my husband. He had been engaged three times (***). I was a bit of a goth and he was 10 years older than me, ex army officer, etc and I wasn't really their idea of girlfriend material!
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lol! Oh I see.
Me and my husband would love to move away to be honest but it's cheaper to live here in Wales unfortunately. If she mentions anything again, my husband is going to say to her that she's not going to like it when we move back to England one day :)
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My own mother told me I was too selfish to have children. She also told me not to have any more children as my house would be like an orphanage (when I was pregnant with the twins but I hadn't told her). The list is endless but I never rose to the bait, once you say something nasty you can't take it back.

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Monster mother-in-law lol!

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