My boyfriend still wears his wedding ring.

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Chloe-Young | 01:26 Mon 22nd Aug 2011 | Family
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I've been with my boyfriend since June last year, he got divorced from his ex wife in the April after they split in December 2009. They have twin daughters together who are 31 months old and his ex wife is still very close to his parents and elder brother. My boyfriend and his ex wife still get on well and that doesn't bother me. But my boyfriend still wears his wedding ring, I don't want to say anything in case I offend him but I find it a bit weird. What would you do? Would you say something to him about it?


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He obviously still has some tie or attachment towards his wife/marriage.Split 2 years and divorced.I would say youre in 3rd place in his mind.Doesn't bode well for you in my opinion.Best of luck though.
He more than likely does not see it as a link to his ex - and is just used to wearing it, have you asked him?
At best he's being hugely insensitive...
Are you sure hes divorced?
I think it depends on the man. I still wear my wedding ring but not on my wedding finger, I've been out with other people since and it hasn't occured to me that that would boither them, however if it did and it was a serious relationship going places I'd consider taking it off obviously. Is it on his wedding finger?Maybe he doesn't realise it upsets you.
I would agree with Mamy and NOX. Rings are not always sentimental....I still wear one from someone I actually hate. It's a nice ring though...
Well out of order, no woman of mine would ever be wearing an ex's ring

Those who think it's ok might as well carry a photo of their ex in their purses/wallets too
I agree with joeluke

"With this ring, I thee wed".........yeah! to someone else.

I would say to the boyfriend "Get rid of that ring as it symbolizes a special relationship with someone, that isn't me"
I haven't got a wedding ring!
Lofty...I will give you one......................and a wedding ring....;-)
There's a promise now Lofty!
SQAD!! Behave.

I threw my ring at him years and years ago and never did find it!! I love to keep people guessing anyway about whether I am married or not. I have never been sentimental about rings and things.
Squad you are such a :-)
just ask him why he still wears it for heavens sake!
Blimey, been with him since June of last year and you cant even ask a simple 'how come you still wear your wedding ring'?

Sorry but I don't think he has let go of his previous relationship yet. Did she make the split rather than him? Sound like it might not have been his choice.

I think you have quite a way to go yet before your relationship becomes as serious in his mind as his last one. Asking him to remove the ring would be a really good move and will help him to see you as the more important person in his life.
Bet he's still got photos and letters from his ex hidden away somewhere

It's called 'still holding a candle'
When you have confidence in your relationship......
I'm very laid back, but that would bother me. I have an eternity ring that I love from an ex, but I don't wear it because of what it stands for. We're still brilliant friends, I just don't think it's appropriate.

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My boyfriend still wears his wedding ring.

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