When did you decide you'd had enough children?

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Yours-Mine-Ours | 00:21 Sun 21st Aug 2011 | Family
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During my first pregnancy it was a huge shock to be told we were having identical twin girls, we couldn't quite believe it, but along they came in January 2008. When I fell pregnant we again we thought it'll be easier this time with a single baby but no we go for the scan and there's two girls again, only this time non-identical, so our second set of beautiful girls were born in November 2009. So we decide one more baby and then our family is complete, my husband isn't one of those men who needs a son, in fact he likes that he has all girls, he's so protective over them, I dread when they get to teenagers and start dating, he won't let them leave the house unless she can go everywhere with them! So I found out I was pregnant again a couple of months ago and we didn't even consider that it could be twins again but it is, two girls non - identical, due at the end of the year. Our family will be complete when they're born, no more children after this. My husband likes the fact they're all girls, it'd be a bit uncomfortable for the boy if he'd been the youngest with four older sisters. When did you decide you'd had enough children? We'd never planned on 6, but hey what happens happens!


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I have 3. It wasn't practical to have any more. My daughter is 19 and my sons 15 and almost 13.

I had no preference to what sex they were.

I think if I had one set of twins I wouldn't have had any more :-)
How wonderful new babies on the way,I only had one agirl and she now has two girls. I totally agree that these days the sex doesnt matter . My daughter will hang up her now as she had a rough time and her hubby agrees with her - he loves having all girls. Enjoy them !!
We have five, one single and two sets of twins, 2 girls and three boys so we have a mixture, hubby wanted one I wanted 6, don't know why we stopped, think we'd had enough, before we had the last set I always got broody when the younger ones were 1 but after the last ones that didn't happen, guess mother nature decided that I'd done my part, hubby got the snip and I was quite happy about it. Good luck with your lot, mine are now 23 (with 2 girls) 21 and 19. how the years have flown. Enjoy them as time passes so quickly.
same as ummm really, it comes down to practicality and cost.
I say it's not in our gift and I get worried about people planning their families......they set themselves up for disappointment. You two sound solid & you'r family sounds amazing from the outside.... hard work inside though. I think it's down to your relationship. We had 2 boys & I wanted a third child but husband didn't. 5 yrs later, I got pregnant with a coil in place. My Doc looked so serious when he asked me if this would be a problem but I was delighted. However, husband left 10 yrs later. I'd never have considered a termination but obviously he thought the 3rd was a backwards step. So, the moral can't plan any of it lol. I think your twins will have special bonds , enjoy every minute.

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When did you decide you'd had enough children?

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