How can i get a shower installed in my eighty year old mothers home through help the aged

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cris r | 14:37 Thu 24th Mar 2011 | Family
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Hi my mother got stick in the bath again for the third time im wondering as she can not afford to get a shower put into her rented accomadation herself are there any services that could help i would not know where to start. Tthanks


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it's tricky if it's rented i'm afraid, permission will first of all need to be sought from the landlord. Who knows, the landlord might even pay as it will benefit his/her property
if it were her own home i would suggest the local council ss department (disabled facilities grants)
Try calling Age UK (the new force combining Help the Aged and Age Concern). Their freephone no is 0800 169 6565
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Thanks for your replys its a start :)
The Red Cross might be able to help you with a special seat for the bath with lowers you in and out of the bath. This would not involve any changes to the bath. Social Services could probably also help with this.
Does she rent privately or is it Social Housing, if the latter they should help.
Give your local social services a phone and see if they have an Occupational Therapy department. If they do, they should be able to get a bath aid of some sort sorted out for you.
If they do not have an OT department, ask for your Mum to be assessed and see what comes up. Have a look at your local authority website to see what services they have.
We live in Angus in Scotland my mum has used Care and Repair they are really helpfull, though she does own her own house, might be worth seeing if there is one in her area.

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How can i get a shower installed in my eighty year old mothers home through help the aged

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