HCG Levels dropping.. What does this mean?

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JJ_21 | 22:11 Mon 21st Sep 2009 | Pregnancy
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I just recently had my HCG levels taken and they dropped within 48 hours (not significantly) but at this point of my pregnancy (9-11 weeks) I should have doubled my HCG levels. I have not been cramping (abdominal pain) or bleeding and I still seem to have signs of being pregnant (nauseous, urinate a lot...) Does this mean that I am going to have a miscarriage? If not, why exactly is it that you HCG levels drop instead of rise? Also, I had my first ultra sound and he had a hard time finding the baby and my HCG levels indicated that I was or am pregnant. Do I just not have a healthy pregnancy??


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Phone the early pregnancy unit at your maternity hospital and ask them if they can see you to explain the test result.
I found several articles on the internet about dropping HCG levels and unfortunately they all said that it more than likely indicates a miscarriage. This article was one of the easiest to understand
for what reason were you given the HCG test? did you get no explanation with the results at all?
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I was given the test because when I went in for my first ultra sound they had a hard time finding the featus so they sent me down to get my HCG levels. Basically all they said was that I don't have a valuable pregnancy and I go in tomorrow to get another ultra sound to make sure its not a tubal pregnancy or that its not just sitting in me. But I just find it weird cause I have not had any spotting or anything...
jj....doesn't sound too good.
I think they probably said 'viable' not valuable.
Many women miscarry without ever knowing they were pregnant,so the absence of symptoms such as bleeding is not uncommon.
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ya viable

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HCG Levels dropping.. What does this mean?

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