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rachaelersk | 16:40 Sun 09th Aug 2009 | Pregnancy
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my friend has asked me to organise her baby shower which i am happy to do but i have one question...are men allowed at these events or is it strictly ladies only and what about children? Also ive read up on what im supposed to do etc does anyone have any helpful tips or suggestions that may help me plan this? thanks in advance.


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What's a "baby shower"?

An event?

Are MEN allowed?

The mind boggles.
There goes Squd being a tit again.

Hi Rachael, at my best friends baby shower, it was just the girls and her mum and sister. No kids or men but i suppose its up to you, it was just nice to all get together for drinks and nibbles before baby comes.

We played a couple of fun games, we asked everyone to bring a baby photo and we tried to guess who was who etc

And of course the gifts which were opened that evening and maybe a cake. If you know the sex of baby, decorate in colour theme, if not blue and pink balloons.

Good luck x
as it seems to be a recent import of an american custom i doubt there are set "rules" of holding a baby shower.

I was under the impression that friends through baby showers as a gift for the mum to be, not that the mum requested a party

so you can pretty much do what you want, invite who you want, it seems to be just an excuse for a party and presents lol
roomster.....I may be a tit, but I honestly have NEVER heard of a babyshower...........would some modern mother please enlighten me?

There goes Squd being a tit again.

I suppose with all you hormone crazed women, you see "tits" all over the place.

I have got a sensible answer from CB thanks.
LOL tit.
It was my sensible answer ladies......and a baby shower-at least where I originate from (USA) is always a surprise.
I can imagine what I would say if a "friend' asked me to organize a birthday party for them!!! no! apparently from my sensible informants on CB, it is NOT a birthday party, it is a pre natal party.

Seems odd to me.
Maybe stewey is saying that it is odd to ask anyone to organise what is usually a surprise event......
pasta my love her refers to it as "birthday party, now from my recollection, birthdays are form 12months on from the "birth date"

I reckon it is a yuppy, middle class, typically English exhibitionism.
That's what I meant, pasra:)
chuck babies in the shower.....and like musical chairs.....they're taken by losers. Last one left gets the chair.
its a party, thrown to celebrate the upcoming birth.

It originates in the USA and only in last few years have women here started having them

the main idea behind it seems to be that the mum to be gets a lot of the baby equipment bought for her by friends and family prior to the baby's arrival.

recrx...thank you, but b0ll0cks to roomster
Seems like Sqad is the only 'hormone crazed' one around here!!

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