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Velvetee | 23:42 Fri 26th Jun 2009 | Pregnancy
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Hello everyone, Velvetee has asked me to keep you all upto date. She went into labour around 7 thursday evening, was taken in at 11 this morning and has just been given an epidural so the doctors can give her medication to help little one along. Will keep you posted. Regards


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Lots of love to Mr and Mrs Velvetee and junior may your life be wonderful and untroubled

Mmaya ♥

thats brilliant. congrats

thats the same day as my daughter was born. she was born at 04.47am on the 27th :)
Congratulations. Baby is here at last, well done. Wish you all every happiness. Velvetee as soon as you're well, I think you'll need to go shopping for clothes for the amazing boy, as first size are not going to fit him. Wonderful news, take good care of yourself.
YAY! VELVETEE! Thats great news,hope to have you back on body&soul soon!
congratulations velvetee!! hope you are are all well x x x x
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lovely news velvetee,
congratulations to you and mr v,
hope you and baby are doing well
Congratulations to you all. Well Done.xx
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congrats i hope yee are both well beat of luck with everything
Been away for a few days..........well done!!! Nice to get somme good news best wishes to all
Congratulations Velvetee!

Enjoy the future with your new son. -xx-

Dear Velvetee, congratulations to you, I have followed all your pregnancy posts with interest and I am delighted your 'little one' is safely delivered. Being a mum is just the best job in the world, enjoy. !!!! xxxxx love to you all
Congratulations velvetee! xx
Congratulations velvetee!! x
Well done

Congratulations to you all.

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Velvetee update

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