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Picky | 22:42 Thu 25th Jun 2009 | Pregnancy
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Hi Velvetee

Are you still with us? Been wondering today!

Hope you're keeping well



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Hi Picky,

I was supposed to go into hospital this evening, for induction tomorrow, but they have no beds available, so have to ring at 8am tomorrow.

Anyway at about 18.50 the pains started, I'm not sure if they are contractions. They feel like period pain cramps and are about 15 - 20 minutes apart, lasting for between 20 and 30 seconds. I'm going to put the TENS machine on.

Does it sound like I'm having contractions? They seem to be a bit erratic, so I'm really not sure. Baby is still moving, but less so than this morning. Waters haven't broken and haven't lost the plug yet.
How exciting! Sounds like somethings happening!
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They sound like it to me poppet! With baby Picky as I was induced my contractions started as bad as they ever got, so I couldn't tell you for definate, but it certainly sounds like something is going on!

Give your midwife a call if you think you need to, good luck and keep us informed! How exciting!!

Thanks, rang hospital at 8pm and they said it seems like it's started alone, but will still go in tomorrow to be monitored, primarily becuse of my age and because I have Fibroids.

I'm liking my TENS machine with Boost button. Will keep you updated.
Good luck Velvetee. Hope all goes smoothly for you.
best of luck to you, Velvetee.. sounds like you're finally on your way! try to get some sleep if you can, you're going to need some energy for the main event ;o)

take care x
Thanks Jan and Sara, I think I'm in denial about how painful it's really going to be. These pains seem bad to me, can't believe it will get worse.
well you can't change your mind now!

you're a woman, you'll be fine :o)

you could have a warm bath to try to relax.
woop woop wooooop - off you go.....remember the quicker you push him out the quicker the pain subsides.

PUSH... PUSH .....PUSH.....pant pant pant ...... ;)

can you keep iphone AB?
Good luck Velvetee..........thinking of you xx
Thank you all for your kind regards. Think I'll go and get some rest now. I'll get Partner to update you here. He has an iPhone, so if I can, will try to update there too.
Been keeping an eye open for news of baby velvet.

Seems like things are under way! Not too long before you're cuddling your lovely baby, I think.

You'll be fine velvetee..

Aww Velvetee, how exciting, I hope this is the real thing - I know how stressful it can be when you go overdue.

Good luck, I'll be thinking of you both.


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