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firewatch | 22:33 Sun 19th Apr 2009 | Pregnancy
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Further to my post a few weeks ago about the possibility of being pregnant, well we are expecting our first baby, oh great! Not planned, but we are ok. First test came out negative so i thought oh well, guess we were lucky!
Certain things did not happen and so i took another test, low and behold we are. My hubby has taken to calling it the jelly bean! I am going to need alot of help!
What do i do next? I found out last Thursday, and we had planned weeks and weeks ago to help my granddad sort out my nans things, so we could not put it off, spent this weekend camping, i know i should be taking it easy!
I am making a doctors appointment tomorrow, im about 3/4 weeks gone, but I am worriead it could be ectopic as i took the morning after pill and they said if i did become pregnant that there could be a risk of it being ectopic. Would i know?
Why do they call morning sickeness morning sickness when it happens throughout the day and is needing to go to the loo alot normal?
I have also being getting some cramping, with some pain going into my legs, it does not last for long just a minute or so then its gone. It normally happens when im in the car, so i have put a velcro pad thing around the bit that goes over my tummy. Is this normal????????????


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ok i shall try and answer each question.

firstly go to your GP and advise them that youve had a positive result and that because of taking the MAP you are advising them rather than just midwife. Usually itd be a case of just advising your surgery and seeing a midwife at 8 weeks.
camping, helping your grandad etc are not going to harm the baby but you should watch what you eat now and check pakaging of any medication you take. Google pregnancy- food to avoid and read up.
You must be further along that3-4 weeks if youre saying that your period did not arrive. the date is taken from the first day of last period, not from date you conceived.

The pains youre getting could be ligament pains as the body produces a hormone which softens and relaxes ligaments so that they can accomodate your growing and changing body. If the pains become very bad or you experience any bleeding then call you early pregnancy unit at your local hospital for advice.

needing a wee a lot is normal during the first 12 weeks as the uterus is still low down and can put pressure on the bladder, this eases once the uterus moves up but does return in later stages.

your seatbelt should never be on your tummy, they are meant to sit across the lap, but dont. You can buy a bump belt from mothercare etc which will adjust the lap part so it sits on your lap.

the morning sickness i never suffered with much but ginger helps and also eating something before you get out of bed, a cup of tea in bed with a ginger biscuit can help. Also try and eat little and often, snack on something or eat boiled sweets through the day.

hope thats all you need for now.

congratulations and all the best
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Thanks redcrx, i was kinda hoping you would help you seem full of endless knowledge. I am then further along than i thought my last montly was at the begining of march, the 10th i think will have to check my diary.

Been to the doctors and i just have to waite for a phone call from the midwife, works going to love me! I have aranged to try and get midwife care in the town where i work as its closer and less stressful.

How are your brood getting along? I cant stop smiling im so happy, just have to tell my in laws oh great!

As my dad so kindly put it 'your peeing like a race horse!' I was like cheers for that Granddad!
Ah the joys we have coming!
if it was the 10th march then i calculate that you are 6 weeks pregnant and that (working on a cycle of 28 days) you are due around the 15th December!

Heres a little messageboard group you may like to join or just lurk 2009 they are a great source of help and info and Ive been on mine for 4.5 years now.

dont worry about work so much just yet. Your first appoinments arent too often, usually every 6 weeks with blood tests at 8 and 16 weeks and a scan at 12 and 20 weeks.
You have to be allowed time off for appointments though if i a different town you may have to take half a day, speak to your employer as soon as you want to so that a risk assessment can be made of your job too, though ask them to keep it confidential if you dont want colleagues knowing.

theres loads of great ladies on AB who will give you lots of info too.
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Hey Red, just got home from hospital, we lost the baby tuesday night. I am really upset but too tired to cry, i have been awake since 5:45 this morning and absoloutley knackered and fd off with the nhs.
I am so so sorry to hear that firewatch.
I hope that you are physically OK, though obviously the pain of the loss will be much harder to deal with.
Sending gentle hugs you way and if youd like to talk with those who have gone through the same thing then pop by to here carry
where i know you will receive lots of advice.
sorry to hear that firewatch :-( xxx

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