Pregnant and Bleeding :( Please Help.

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Gemmie1990 | 14:30 Sun 08th Mar 2009 | Pregnancy
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Hi I'm 18 years old and found out 3 days ago (Thursday) that i am pregnant, i have all the usual signs: tender breasts, heart burn, dizziness, nausea. I was ecstatic at finding out i was to have a baby and promised myself i would do everything right to prevent any risks of losing it. Then the day after i found out i started having spotting, it was only light pink but naturally i was very scared, i had no pain and just tried to get as much rest as i could. It seemed to have stopped but the next afternoon it came again, but this time it was bright red and heavier than the previous day, it hasn't stopped at all and even today it's still bad. I got this bleeding at the same time i would have had my normal period so it is quite confusing. I am so scared but up to now i haven't had any pain and i still have all the pregnancy symptoms i had in the beginning. I am going to go up to A and E shortly and see if there is anything they can do, although i am only around 4 weeks pregnant i know they won't be able to detect anything on the ultrasound, but i just hope ther is something they can do just to put my mind at rest. Please if anyone can give me any advice or have had similar experiences talk to me, just so i know i'm not on my own. Thanks. Gemma xx


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dont worry 1, see your midwife straight away if in doubt about anything or make your way to the hospital, 2 i bleed all the way through my 1st pregnancy and she came out healthy
I was similar to you and I eventually aborted. The A&E is the best place. The best of luck.
rather than go straight to a and e i would call your local hospital and ask for the early pregnancy unit or EPU.
they should be able to talk to you over the phone and give advice and also say if they will want you in for scanning.

many women do bleed very early on in pregnancy, either from implantaion bleeds or for other unknow reasons and go on to have healthy babies.
nice touch toxo you didnt have to be so graphic the term is miscarrige not aborted. you wont no anything until you get checked out try to relax as much as possible and get checked out a s a p xx good luck
Hi Gemmie
I hope everything will be ok, I started bleeding when I was 7 months pregnant and went straight to hospital, but it was alright and my son is now 19 xx
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thanks everyone. I'm just so scared at the minute, i phoned the hospital last night and they said to just rest but if the bleeding gets any worse than go up to A and E so thats what i'm going to do. Its awful how someones happiness can be snatched away just like that, but it does happen to the best of people. i just can't help but expect the worst. xx
there have been stories of people that dont even know they are pregnant because they bleed all the way through and end up with helthy babies
gemmie, good luck at A&E, I hope its not bad news! x
Abortion is actually the correct word for a miscarriage, it is a spontaneous abortion.

A termination, is an induced abortion.

Learnt that from GSCE or A-level Biology.

You can look up the etymology..

So Toxo was not being overly graphic.

Try not to worry, everything may be fine (I realise, easier said than done!). Hospital is the best place.

Hope all is well
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Well ladies i'm about to go to the hospital and find out. Please pray for me, i have never wanted anything more in my life. I will let you know what the outcome is, hope its not the worst. Fingers Crossed. xx
Hello honey,

I know where you are coming from. Its all the wondering what is happening, wondering what might happen, wondering if you can cope with all thats happening.

Wishing you a lot of love whatever happens.

How did you get on Gemmie? x
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unfortunately it was the worst :(
i was in hospital for 2 days with shock and low blood pressure aswell, absolutely devestated but just trying to build myself back up to try again.
Hi Gemmie,

Sorry to hear the news. Whatever you are feeling right now be it sadness, hurt or frustration, its ok. That's perfectly normal. Come on here to talk and we will listen.

I'm not going come out with the usual phrases which quite frankly help not a jot. You will know the ones I mean.

Losing a baby no matter how far along, is hard.

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Pregnant and Bleeding :( Please Help.

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