HELP! freaked out. Baby kicks or twitching muscle??

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sheribeee | 19:07 Sun 14th Sep 2008 | Pregnancy
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Im not pregnant, i have had periods, slightly irregular but none the less periods.
I have been feeling something in my left side of my stomach, its like a twitch, but feels the same as a baby kicking ( ive had 2 kids!) its sorta between my ribs and belly button. im freaked out by this... could this be a twitching muscle, or do i panic????? Thanks x hope i put this in the right section!! xx


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omg i get that and after 2 kids also you really know what a kick feeels like, ive been so paranoid that i have taken preg tests etc despite having a coil and aswell slightly irregular periods. all negative and im now putting it down to wind bubbles but it definately feels like a baby kicking so much its scary, especially when you hear stories about people gettin pregnant and not knowing and getting pregnant with coils etc im so fertile aswell and got pregnant straight away with both my children, literally on the very first time trying for them!
its your pre period thingy, what aload of croc!!
its like a guitar string twanging!!!
Could it be trapped wind???
I understand that gives a similar sensation?
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No, as im a nurse also im pretty good on anatomy, and as your large intestine is in your lower abdomen and my twitching is in my upper abdomen as i said between my ribs and belly button its highly unlikely!!
So please could i have some serious answers?? Many thanks xx still going on, has been all day. Def not trapped wind, or indigestion. Im struggling for answers really!
what do you mean - "do I panic?" surely you answered your own question when you said you weren't pregnant?!
Like you said its probably just a twitch and not worth worrying about, however if you're that concered go and get checked out by your GP
isnt it lovely to see peope being oh so nice, well at least your not alone with wat your feeling! it certainly makes me feel better to know that im not going insane! i know im not pregnant but this deffinately feels like a baby kick, its surreal! if you find out what it is let me know and vice versa! p.s do you feel it more at night when your in bed relaxed. strangely thats when we feel our babies move the most when we are pregnant as we are most relaxed. i to am in healthcare so anyone who thinks its a pre period thingy apparently doesnt know their bodies very well!
Could it be ovulation pains? although it doesnt sound like the right area......
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As we have interconnecting muscles in our abdomen i am wondering if it is a spasm in one of those.
Its just so weird as it was under my left rib, where i felt my babies kicking loads! I am just coming off my period so i dont think im preg, but stranger things have happened.
Just wondering if many other women have had this? As its such a strange and worrying feeling.
I am sorry hun if you took offence to what I was saying sheribee I had similar problem myself and when I mentioned it to my GP he said it was probably just trapped wind as it can give a similar sensation. I wasnt trying to be funny just trying to offer the advice I was offered by my own GP?
I get this when I am ovulating. I panic as well and I get this every month. Makes it more difficult for me as I take Cerazette so I don't have periods. I have 3 children and have experienced this for years. I think it's either that you are ovulating and it's the eggs releasing (and yes I know they dont come from there) or it's just a muscle spasm.
any update sheribeee?

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HELP! freaked out. Baby kicks or twitching muscle??

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