abscess in mouth and 7 wk pregnant

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Fairie | 23:56 Fri 11th Jul 2008 | Pregnancy
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I have an abscess which i have had 2 courses of anti biotics for and now have been referred to the dental hospital i have had 2 sets of xrays and 3 weeks ago found out i'm pregnant, the second set of xrays would have been took in early pregnancy and i have been advised not to worry about it. The problem i have npw is that the abscess has come back quite big and has a white head on it, do i need to go the hospital as an emergency or will my next appointment on Thursday be soon enough?


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i suggest that you give NHS direct a call for advice. Theres no way you want to be like that for another 4 days, though the absess may burst in that time it could be best to see your GP.

as for the xray, that wouldve been focussed on your mouth so im sure baby would be fine, as they say.

hope you feel better soon
Dental x-rays have a very very low dose of radiation and the beam is focused on the teeth and head. I worked in a dentist for 10 years and I had two babies and so did my dentist and we both used to take and process x-rays. Don't worry just get your tooth sorted it will make you miserable otherwise.
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Thanks, Ive been to the dentist and they are not starting treatment till september :( It is not sore at the moment just annoying, they said if the abcess gets a head on again go in to have a small incision made in it to let the stuff out of it! YUK sounds gross and i'm very sickly at the moment so hope i can avoid this!! lol

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abscess in mouth and 7 wk pregnant

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