Clear blue pregnancy test changing from negative to positive

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dmj | 22:47 Thu 08th May 2008 | Pregnancy
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I really hope someone can help, Yesterday I did a clearblue test, it came out negative, I took the test aprt and after bout 6 mins it started going positive, I did the test again first thing this morning and again it was neg but after 12 mins started going positive, again I took the test aprt to double check, does this mean I am pregnant or not? My period is between 3 and 6 days over, I'm not quite sure when my last one was, I really hope I am cos me and my husband have been trying unsuccessfully for 4 years, we have had a lot of scares but never a positive test, heres hoping.......... thanks xxx


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I'm sure when I took mine it said that if it changes after so long that it's incorrect. Have you tried one of the digital ones so you don't have to wait for the line to appear?

I'd go to docs and get them to confirm.
hi,i got a cheap one from boots,and only the bottom half developed but was unsure what that meant,nipped to get a digital one and when came back ten mins later it had turned positive,the digital said positive and i have now 6 weeks left to go!hope it is positive,get a digital they tell you in seconds!
P.S good luck!!xx

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Clear blue pregnancy test changing from negative to positive

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