stomach ache and achey hips

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want2findout | 10:57 Thu 01st May 2008 | Pregnancy
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Hi girls. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I have a stomach ache. It's like a belly ache you would get as a child i.e. not period type cramps and not sharp pains which I occasionally get when I get up too fast. Just a belly ache! I had it last night and it's still there this morning. My hips also feel a bit achey this morning

Up until now I've not really had a baby bump but it does seem to be growing these last few days. Could it just be that I had a bit of a growth spurt overnight and therefore growing pains? (my stomach does look quite large today!) It doesn't feel like wind and I've been to the toilet today!

Anyone else experienced this? I have been feeling very tired the last few days so it could just be a bug or something?


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Hi want, its sounds perfectly normal to me, and like you said, its probably just because youre getting your bump now. Everything has to move and stretch to allow for baby growing. Try finding a more comfortable position for sleeping , I know, easier said than done! lol I used to have about 5 or 6 pillows propping my up with a pillow under my legs. You may also want to get a v-shaped pillow to keep your head and neck comfy. As bump gets bigger, you may also want to think about some sort of maternity pillow. I loved mine and it was great because it didnt matter what side I laid on, I had support.

20 weeks? Half way there!!

Just remember, if youre ever worried about anything, give your midwife a call and she can give you any reassurance :)
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Thanks Psychick. Last night was actually the first night for me to sleep using a pregnancy pillow (it arrived yesterday!). It was so comfy but it may be that my body was just not used to being in that position?! I usually like to sleep on my back but thought I'd better get in training for lying on my side. They say not to sleep on your back after so many weeks don't they? and as you say it could just be because the bump is finally growing!

Yes, 20 weeks yesterday!!! I just know these next 20 weeks are going to fly! Exciting but scary! We have out second scan next Thursday. Still not quite decided if we're to find out the sex of the baby or not! We've always said we'd wait but then it just seems more practical to know. we have a week to decide anyway!

I guess I'd better start getting used to these weird aches and pains!

Thanks for your quick reply :-)
during pregnancy there are all sorts of aches and pains that are perfectly normal but it wont hurt to call your midwife for advice if youre worried.

Your hips hurting may just be because you slept on your side when youre not used to it, and the stomach ache might be round ligament pains where youre growing to accomodate the baby.

If your hips continue to hurt you may be suffering pelvic girdle pain which could be due to symphysis pubis dysfunction, so mention it to the midwife next time you see her or if you feel it is getting wore. You can be prescribed tylenol or something of the like, good painkillers which are licensed for pregnancy.
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Thanks Goodsoulette. I'm feeling a lot better today. Crap night's sleep and wide awake at 5am?! but appart from the usual tiredness today I'm not too bad.
I'm seeing the midwife next Thursday so will definitely mention it to her then.
yeah sounds like growing pains... have u felt baby move yet? if so keep an eye on the movements n if ya worried call your labour ward
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I haven't felt the baby move yet. Any day now I hope!

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stomach ache and achey hips

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