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want2findout | 13:13 Fri 18th Apr 2008 | Pregnancy
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While natalie and redcrx are busy with their gorgeous new arrivals (congratulations to you both!) I thought I'd quickly update the list of who's due when. Please add yourselves to the list if there's anyone I've missed ...

Angel - 29th April
Andrea - 22nd May
Beverlymot - 22nd May
k8bailey 4th June
Dakotas SIL - 17th June
Jacey - 19th June
I Love Snow - 23rd August
want2findout - 17th September
niallsmama - 21st September
aims - 28th October

Looks like it's you next then Angel? how you feeling?


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phew, at least I'm not next!! it's beginning to feel a bit too real and scary!!!
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I hope you've got everything ready just in case though k8bailey?! a friend of ours went in to labour 6 weeks early the other week! mother and baby doing fine. Scary stuff!
NOOOOOO!!! why did you have to say that, now I feel the need to go and pack bags just incase! lol.

My mum's convinced im gonna have it early may, but noone's allowed to say that again as Mr.B gets this look of pure fear when the possibility of baby being early is mentioned!!
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Hee hee sorry!!! I have a feeling I'll be early although I'm still a very long way off but am now thinking we need to have finished buying everything at least 2 months before the due date and maybe having my bags packed a few weeks in advance is not such a bad idea ... just in case!
Ha ha, I remember when it was my name at the top of the list, sent me into a blind panic and I offered to change places, fortunately psychick went early and saved me from sitting with my legs crossed!!!!!
Oh my gosh, next but one (joint with Beverlymot)! Oh it's getting tooooo real now! ;0)
Awww bless. Had to grin at warpig - hi hun - but all you lovely ladies are going to be fine. Best of luck when your time comes - x
Hi ice maiden, just thinking if I got my skates on and worked some moves tonight I could put my name on the bottom of the list!!!!! dont think its gonna happen somehow, lol.
I might be joining the list in the near future warpig. Can't try just at the moment, for personal reasons, but when it's possible....!!!! x
Hello ladies , I've just noticed FunkyMouse isn't on the list .
Her thread above says she is 36 weeks .
Come on FunkyMouse , join the list , when's your due date love ? xxxx
hi,god its that time allready !! i remember when i was at the bottom of the list not feeling to bad really,the pregnancy had been going well up to around 2wks ago.i started itching a hell of a lot so they did the liver function test on me in the day centre at the labour ward last week as i had gone a lot worse and basically could not stand it any more.the test came back above average and so im back in on monday for another test to see if it has gone any higher.
i tried every way for the doctor to induce me but after considering it as they reckon the baby is of a good weight she refused.i was sooo disapointed!!
going to see the consultant then on friday to talk about what the poss are if i go over my due date as i have had one previous emergency c section and one naturall birth.
im hoping for a birth like redcrx !!!
anyway enough about me how are you doing? do you know whar you are having!!!
Can I add..

~max~: whatever month 200..? ;O)
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Oh dear, that's not good Angel. Hope it's not getting you down too much. Not long now!
I'm fine. Stopped being sick around 2 weeks ago but still very tired. I've been back to bed twice today. Good job I work for myself and can work around my naps! I have my 20 week scan in just under 3 weeks so starting to get a bit nervous about that now. Hopefully all will be well and my husband and I can start shopping! We need a new car as both cars are small 3 doors so not very practical! then there's the pram or buggy or travel system?!!! and the other twenty million bits and pieces we need to get! We're not going to go silly but we're looking forward to test driving some prams etc! waiting until the scan is out the way first though. Finding out the sex is a difficult one. We've always said we'd wait for the surprise but then you think how much easier it would be if we knew! we have 3 weeks to decide but will probably go for the surprise. Do you know what you're having?
Hope you don't have too long a wait now and that the birth is as quick and pain free as possible!
k8bailey, I was convinced all through my pregnancy that I was going to go early. Baby was born 2 weeks early. Pack your bags just in case lol

I wonder which of us who have now had our babies will be first to be added to the bottom of the list. I wont ask red just yet though lol
want2findout, can I suggest a pram for you? As your baby will arrive in September, a pram would be good for using through the winter. Of course, this depends on when/where youre going to need it. If its going to be put in the car regulary and used in more secluded places such as shopping centres, then travel system would be more suitable. If, like me, it will rarely go in the car and be used in more open spaces such as walking into town (plus I have a the school runs) then a pram may be more suitable for your needs :)
I have been auntie four times since the start of the year and they were all girls. Now thats two girls on here so whats the chance of an all girl year?
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Thanks Psychick :-) yes, to be honest I see us mostly using it to walk in to town. Can I ask what you bought for the baby's arrival in terms of car seat, buggy etc? I know we'll need a car seat otherwise we'll be stuck at the hospital and will have no way of bringing baby home! some people say it's unlucky to buy the pram or whatever else until the baby arrives ... just in case but I think that's just tradition i.e. but a deposit down on a pram and then pick it up once the baby is born. I'm guessing we won't be needing a pushchair until the baby is a little older? and then there's the issue of having a second child close to the first. A lot of our friends have found themselves in this situation and have regretted not buying a system which can be changed in to a twin i.e. newborn and toddler in the first place! Aaaarggghhhh! so much to think about...
Maybe I should start another thread for this but what would you say are essentials from day one? baby bouncers etc. We'd like to start buying now if we can so that it doesn't hurt our pockets so much towards the end! I think a car must be our first purchase as I know these car seats don't fit in all cars so it would help if we knew what car we would be fitting it in! did you buy a moses basket? what about a cot? did you buy this before the baby was born?
Sorry, so many questions!!!
Yes, I wonder which of you will be first to the bottom of the list :-)
lol bless, you sound like I was only a matter of months ago! (and mine was my 2nd!)

Before baby was born we had the pram paid for but kept at the shop until she was born. We werent superstitious (with the first, the pram was in the house a month before she was born as was all the equipment), we just didnt have the room to store it. We opted for a moses basket in the end after considering a swinging crib. Im glad we went for the basket as this can be carried up and down stairs so we can use it downstairs in the day then carry her up in it at night. We havent bought a cot yet but will be doing within the next couple of months. We are going to get a cotbed so it lasts til shes about 5 years old. We got an Obaby 3-in1 pram. It has the chassis, carrycot and buggy base for when shes too big for the carrycot. You can also get a car seat to match but we didnt need this as my sister has lent us her one. For �280, we got the chassis, carrycot, buggy base, 2 raincovers, changing bag, apron and pump for the tyres. After only 9 weeks it has already been well worth the money. For about �400 you get the car seat, foot muff and parasol as well. I found it cheaper to not have everything as you can get cheaper car seats and parasols are useless in my experience lol


We also got in ready a baby bath and baby box full of all the essentials such as baby bath, shampoo, powder, sudocrem, bath thermometer, baby nail scissors, cotton wall, baby lotion, baby oil, etc.

We was given a vibrating chair so didnt need to get a bouncey chair. We was also given a baby swing (which she doesnt like yet lol) Other essentials are a changing mat, steraliser, bottles (you will need these even if you breast feed) and now my minds gone blank lol

If you start another thread, others can tell you what they needed and didnt need. If you have any questions about anything, just ask :)
I love snow, since February, there have been five of us AB users who have had girls! lol

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