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want2findout | 13:13 Fri 18th Apr 2008 | Pregnancy
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While natalie and redcrx are busy with their gorgeous new arrivals (congratulations to you both!) I thought I'd quickly update the list of who's due when. Please add yourselves to the list if there's anyone I've missed ...

Angel - 29th April
Andrea - 22nd May
Beverlymot - 22nd May
k8bailey 4th June
Dakotas SIL - 17th June
Jacey - 19th June
I Love Snow - 23rd August
want2findout - 17th September
niallsmama - 21st September
aims - 28th October

Looks like it's you next then Angel? how you feeling?


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I've had a cr*p nights sleep worrying about what to pack in my bag(s) and dreaming that I get to the hospital only to find the bags full of incredibly useful things like winter coats, odd socks and mouldy sandwiches!

So I was going to look back through all the old threads to see what i do need to pack, (as I can only remember that gin/vodka was on one list - excellent idea btw) but then I realised I don't actually own a bag big enough for a stay in hosp, which has brought on a whole load of new shopping urges!!

oh well at least we have pretty much everything we need for the baby, except the car seat which is possibly the most important thing!!!

I only heard that it was bad luck to bring the pram into the house after I'd done it! - oops!
Its an old wives tale k8bailey. I had everything in the house before my first daughter was born, including the pram. I was induced with her so I even set the pram up before I went into hospital and had it in the living room ready! My mum set up the moses basket (again already in the house) after baby was born and before we came home. Again this time, we had the moses basket in the house ready. I was booked for a homebirth and had to have this ready to use complete with hot water bottle keeping it warm for baby. The only reason the pram was collected the day after baby was born was because we had no where to store it prior to the birth.

Do you have a baby changing bag? That would be a good thing to use for babys hospital bag. You should only need a holdal of some sort for yourself. Could you borrow one?
hi again im having a boy.have one of each so didnt make much of a different.i think it is handy as i had a lot of cloathes on sale at next and tescos.speak to you soon xx angel.
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Thanks Psychick. That's a massive help. Thank you :-)
We've been out looking at prams etc all day today and I think we're now even more confused than when we left the house this morning! I'll take a look at yours once I finish writing this!
We've just picked up our free huggies starter pack at tesco (having joined the baby and toddler club or whatever it's called). We received the voucher through the post and had until tomorrow to use it so we're quite chuffed with that little freebie! We had to buy a pack of huggies newborn nappies but that was a nice feeling! We've made a start now :-)
I'll start my list then re. bottles, baby bath etc and start hunting around for the offers.
Thanks again :-)
im due 19th may now... 3 days earlier!! not that she'll arrive until she's ready- sorry andrea!!

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New update on who's due when

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