What determines how heavy an unborn baby will be?

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mountainboo | 18:29 Mon 03rd Mar 2008 | Pregnancy
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Hi all, hope all is well. I've just been reading various articles about humongous new borns ranging from 15 lbs to an eye-watering 18 lbs in Russia.

I'm really curious to know what determines how big the baby will be? The woman in Russia apparantly lived on a diet of potatoes, noodles and tomatoes. My main diet consists of potatoes and pasta, does that mean I'm going to give birth to Godzilla? lol.


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PMSL MBoo! I love how your mind works!

Can't help re answering the question, but I would guess that to an extent the baby's size is down to genetics - I was the smallest baby in my mother's side at 8lb7oz, and my dad's side all started at 10lb aside from me! My midwife said that mine is average, which I am guessing could be anywhere between 6 and 9lb.

Are you worried about having a big baby? I don't think it is anything to worry about, I think I would be more frightened having a tiddler in case I broke them!

Hope you are feeling ok xx
I think that its partly due to thier diet but mainly diabetes which is why urine is checked for glucose and midwives keep eye on size too. If its any help little crx was 9lbs6 and I had an easier birth than most with no stitchesand only 6hr labour. We have better care here too so try not to panic x
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Hi Nat. I'm good, how are you? I do tend to think about the strangest things he he.

I was 7lbs and so was Mr MB apparantly and most of his sisters and brother were average weights apart from his youngest sis who was 6 wks prem and weighed 5lbs. My dad was 10 lbs and I think that was the biggest in the family.

I'm well prepared for a 9lber as that seems to be the average for a boy.

Totally changing the subject, have you had any braxtons? I had a 'false labor' the other night as was having strong braxtons every 5 minutes for over an hour and then it just stopped. I knew at the time it wasn't the real thing because it wasn't very painful.
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Hi Red, hope your well. I remember you saying little crx was over 9lbs, since then I've put that as a marker in my mind. I'm just getting frustrated with people keep telling me that I'm huge because it tends to make me neurotic about it
Awww, I think size of belly can be misleading MBoo so I really wouldn't worry. My friend was ENORMOUS from very early, and positively huge by the end, yet her little girl was only 6lb. I have a friend who had a little girl last week - although pre-eclampsia led to a c-section at 38weeks, her little girl was perfectly healthy at 4lb2oz, yet mum was massive from very early on so was expecting a big baby.

I am feeling good thanks, I got one of those long pillow things yesterday and that is making sleep, or at least getting comfortable, a bit easier at night time. We bought the travel system over the weekend and now the moses basket(s) are set up I just the baby here to complete it all! I have threatened to put my cats in the pram and walk them round the block just so I can play! LOL

Evening Red, how are you feeling? Hope things are looking a bit better for you xx
P.S. Did you ever get that email from warpig?
Im trying to prepare myself for a big baby because of the diabetes, may even end up with a c-sect so getting quotes for cordless phone for work and a laptop lol

Just think though, the heavier the baby the more gravity will help :)

Nat, thank you, i am feeling a lot better than i was last week, i did get rather emotional at what was happening. Ive got a scan weds so hoping baby has turned. he/she has been flipping all over the place so i cant tell which way around it is but its not engaged at all as it goes diagonally at times.

I had an hour of BHs the other day that really did worry me, i thought it was the start of something and was all ready to make a dash for hospital when it stopped.

Ive got the email of pics from warpig, am just waiting for permission to email them on and will send them.
My first was 9 lb 13oz - I was borderline fr gestational diabetes - I didn't have the same problem 2nd time round and No 2 son was 8lb 3 - a week early, so would have been 9lb full term. I think diabetes is a big influening factor on birthweight together with genetics. Both mine were sections - the first as he was lying back to back and was totally stuck afer 36 hours of labour. The 2nd was an elective section, 1. cos he was lying back to back as well and was expected to be another big baby and 2 because they are only 13 months apart they were not sure if the scar would hold during labour. I would worry too much ladies - there is one thing for sure in that they will get the baby out one way or another! A cs is not that bad - I had two - the 2nd way better than the first as I did not have the labour and also did not have the same level of blood loss - I was borderline for a transfusion the first time.

As long as you are both well afterwards, I don't think it really matters how they get the baby out!!
doh - meant "wouldn'"t not "would"
I would love to get Warpig's pics too, if I may? If you get Whiskey's emails then I'm on the list under gem under score morgan at hotmail dot fr.....
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Thanks annie - 36 hours, Crikey, bet that was fun, NOT!

I'm glad your a bit better Red. I hope these final few weeks get better for you as you've had it pretty rough. Glad I'm not the only one having the BH's by the way.

So, your about ready then Nat, as you say just the little one to complete the set. Roll on our due dates!!
Hi mountainboo - I am only counting the time in hospital - My waters broke on th Sunday morning, wnet into early labour by lunchtime - went into hospital on Monday night, only ever made it to 8 cms dilated as his head was pressing on the wrong bit and got totally jammed. He was born on Wednesday at 6am.He spent most of the labour sleeping - lucky thing.
Hi, mountainboo! My sister used to really panic about her baby being mahoosive, as we were all huge babies. She and my brother were 9lb-something early and I weighed 10lb 8ozs. My mum and her twin weighed almost 7lb each, too! Luckily, my niece was 7lb-something (I should really know the actual weight, doting auntie that I am :)). I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck with baby! :)

Aww, red, I'd love to see them, too, please? If it's okay with warpig? My email's whiskeysheri, in case you don't have it anymore. Hi, max! :)
A midwife once told me that bigger babies are easier to give birth to as the womb has a bigger surface area to contract around,whereas with smaller babies it has to contract further and longer to reach the baby and push it out.
another reason why big babies are better, thanks daffy :)
Sorry if I'm saying something thats already been said as I didn't read all posts. But I think the midwife has a clue when they measure you. My sister was being measured and was just above the centile towards the end, her baby was 8lb 14oz, so is a good size (as they put it)!

I'm a bit worried myself as I had a c-section last time and am determined for a vaginal birth this time! So I too worry as I am addicted to potatos and paste myself! Ahhhhh!!!
midwives do have an idea yeah. But mine could see no point in telling me and scaring me before the birth so didnt say anything as there were no signs of any problems.
My midwife was the same red - she said it was a big baby and when she saw the panic on my face when I asked how big, she said - about 8 and a half pounds. After he was born she told me that she knew it was a lot bigger than that but didn't want to scare me! She was great though, she fiddled my dates on my 2nd baby as she knew how worried I was that I would go into labour before my section. The consultant wanted me booked in for my due date but said I went before then they would see how it went. However, when she did the operation she said she was glad that they had done it as she could see that the scar would not have held during labour.
I was always curious as to what it would be like to have an average size baby never mind a big All 3 of mine were smallish (5lb 9 1/2 oz, 6lb 9oz and 6lb 14oz). Small babies run in our family,all my sisters have had below average birthweight babies,with one having a 3lb 6oz girl at full term.
My son was 6lb 2oz, but my C-Section, just lookign at what annie000 said and flipping well hope my scar takes the labour! Ahh!
One of my sisters has had two vaginal births after having had an emergency caesarean(sp) for a prolapsed cord, I know there is a small risk of the scar tearing but anyone having had a section before will be monitored during labour for anything like that.
Good luck all you preggie ladies. I can't wait to see all the pictures. :-)

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