What determines how heavy an unborn baby will be?

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mountainboo | 18:29 Mon 03rd Mar 2008 | Pregnancy
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Hi all, hope all is well. I've just been reading various articles about humongous new borns ranging from 15 lbs to an eye-watering 18 lbs in Russia.

I'm really curious to know what determines how big the baby will be? The woman in Russia apparantly lived on a diet of potatoes, noodles and tomatoes. My main diet consists of potatoes and pasta, does that mean I'm going to give birth to Godzilla? lol.


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andrea, it was only because my two were only 13 months apart, and therefore it was not fully healed and strong - I am sure that they will monitor you well. I had had a lot of pain and stretching in the scar area prior to the birth.
MBoo, I had my 36weeks appt this morning and midwife said baby was "average", I asked exactly what average was and she said anywhere between 7 and 8lb, but that she had told a woman that very same thing last week and she had a 10lb8oz boy yesterday! LOL
ive had scan today and baby at 34+2 is expected to be just under 6lbs. The average weight at this time should be 5lbs so mines on the hefty side at moment.

Good news is though that its head down today!

Oh and we got to watch it yawning, which was so cute
Awwww red, yawning! How sweet!

Is that 1lb difference big enough to be a concern at this stage or is there a chance things could even out?

Glad your little one's head is down; ours is too, although not engaged so here's hope the little ****** doesn't fancy a spin in the next few weeks!

Really pleased the news is better than last week's :-)
nat, your muscles will be a lot tighter than mine so i would say your baby will stay head down hun, dont worry.

the yawn was so cute it poked its tongue out, as was little CRX waving at his brother or sister on the telly.

That 1lb difference and size of baby is enough to make a difference in so much as it wont be an everage 7lb at full term lol.

But ive got a big baby out before so Im not gonna worry unless it starts rapidly increasing. I see consultant in 2 weeks so will ask for opinion. I think they may suggest induction at 38 weeks or so, although with an early induction there is more risk of intervention.
Oh, that is so sweet - I bet that made little crx smile. It's nice that he is old enough to be involved :-)

I am sure everything will be fine, the further along you go the less chance s/he has of moving back to feet / bum first. 34weeks really isn't that far to go, I know you went 2weeks over last time but it's only 3weeks off full term so I am sure it will all be ok. Hey, we really might end up in a race for the finish!

Righty, I am off home now - early finish - hurrah! Have a lovely evening xx
OMG 3 WEEKS???????????

i am not ready for another babyin 3 weeks!!!!!!


will let you pop first! :)

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What determines how heavy an unborn baby will be?

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