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warpig3 | 12:54 Fri 11th Jan 2008 | Pregnancy
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Anyone packed yet?

Well obviously I havent, but then again I havent started my antenatal classes yet either (dont ask, they forgot about me).

So what should I pack? this is what I have come up with so far:

For me

Jammies x 2, slippers, dressing gown.
big knickers x 6 (disposable)
Not so big knickers x 2 or 3
maternity pads
breast pads?
couple of towels
wash bag and all that stuff
antibacterial wipes
clean clothes for going home
litre of vodka
bottled water and snacks
phone topped up.

For baby
baby grows - how many?
socks & hat
Sleep suit thing for bringing her home

[email protected], thats all I can think of, I am presuming someone will give me a list but do I need to bring nappies, bum cream and all that stuff? I have no idea what I am supposed to supply if anything at all.

All suggestions gratefully accepted and any tips too.

Ta muchly


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Bottles if you intend feeding bottles, not sure if you've to supply the actual milk, i breast fed.
Magazines/ books
Take some nice smellies, to try and make you feel human again!
Sanitary pads/ maternity pads, you'll deff need those!
Energy tablets. You may need energy and not be able to eat
Some snacks for mr Warpig to stop him moaning about how hungry he is
List of everyones phone numbers and who Mr Warpig should contact. You may not be able to switch mobile on so best have a list
TENS machine if youve hired one, some hospitals dont have them
Hair bands if you need to keep hair back from face.
Socks, feet get cold in labour
Baggy nightie, in case PJs not comfy (ie if you have stitches)
Take 4/5 babygros and vests.
couple of hats
scratch mittens
Baby blacket for travel
if youre bottle feeding it is possible to buy both ready mixed formula and disposable bottles from vending machines usually.

tons of cream!
sudo cream for the botty (especially after that first nappy...) and aqueous for the rest of the babys skin or whatever you prefer.
all the best to you.
LOL @ vodka. Somebody bought me a litre of vodka for Crimbo, I can't wait to taste it.... I know I could have a little one now if I wanted I suppose. But a little one isn't going to do it for me frankly, right now it's all or nothing.

My mum told me to take some books / music / magazines as it can get quite boring sometimes, and my friend told me to take snacks for your fella (I'm assuming he'll be there) because it can be very tiring for them if it goes on too long. She actually told me to make some sandwiches, I told her to get screwed - when my waters break the last thing I'll be doing is putting together some butties for him, if I remember to chuck in a packet of crisps and some biscuits he's lucky frankly.
Camera! And spare batteries.

How annoying would that be in the batteries died on your first pic? AGH!
Question Author
LOL nat, just thought I would slip in vodka and see if anyone noticed. As for making sandwiches, ha, ha, no way, mrwarpig can fend for himself, wonder if the chinese deliver to the hospital???????

Thats brilliant folks, keep them coming.
Take a bigger bag and then a smaller one for all the things you will need in the actual labour room.

Again with the feeding thing, maternity bras. Breast pads, take them but you wont really need them for a couple of days.

On that note get some nipple cream. They can be so sore for the first few weeks., I used almost everyone going, going from the most highly recommended which was lansinoh, but it was so thick with lanolin I couldn't spread it on without causing lots of pain and settled on kamillosan, I found it brilliant, easier to apply than the others,

You do have to take nappies, in my local hospital they advise against wet wipes for a bit and you use cotton wool and warm water with a tiny drop of baby bath in it. It's much gentler on your baby's new skin and should avoid the use for any creams for a while.

They swaddle the bay for a little while after birth so some fancy blankets are always nice to take in.
i was taken in for induction at 42+0 and spent 3 days on the maternity ward not in labour. I had to get family to bring in extra clothes and undies i was there so long.

We could get pizzas and stuff delivered if we wanted.

A mp3 player may be of use if labour is long and drawn out. It may relax you.
Question Author
LOL, this is gonna turn into a military exercise! Am never gonna fit all this stuff into my tesco carrier bag, might need to use the M & S one I was keeping for special occasions.
When is baby due warpig?
Well if this aint a special occassion warpig, what is? Might as well take the twiglets and make a party of it :-)

I got some Crimbo crackers leftover if they're any use :-P
I'm still chuckling at Natalies mum suggesting taking butties and snacks for hubbys as "it can be quite tiring for them".....My bloody heart bleeds for 'em, it really
men just cant cope B00. 4 hours after I gave birth (had been in labour all night and not slept) my fella lay down on my bed, i sat in arm chair, as his neck hurt because id apparently hung around his shoulders when trying to get last cm dilated.
he then told every visitor how he ached.

Mind you, he did let me sleep at home that night and got baby up, fed and dressed for the midwifes arrival at 9am the next day.
God love 'em eh Red? I'll never forget Mr Boo telling me that my labour was more difficult for him than me as "it's far more painful watching someone you love in pain than being in pain yourself...........!"

Next time babes- we'll swap roles eh?
Boo I laughed at that too. When I went into labour 34 years ago my husband started making himself beans on toast just incase he couldn't get anything later. When we finally got to the car he had forgotten my case so I went back into the house and got it myself. Good Luck warpig keep us posted
pmsl! just tell him to shut his eyes, there problem solved.

They really dont like not being on the receiving end of the sympathy dont they lol

Did he also complain that he didnt get tea and toast after the birth?
At this rate we'll be putting Warpig off taking her partner! Heh!

Mine took along butties too, cept we stoppped at a bloody garage on the way for them!!! Oh yes, that was fun. Oh and he took a book for "the boring bits, when nowt was happening"
Boo, apparently after I was born a midwife came in and said to my mum "I expect you need a cup of tea! " and my Dad, the plonker said "yeah please, Im shattered after that".
Lip balm! My lips got so sore and ended up covered in cold sores. So much so I couldnt even kiss my new born for a week or so :(

I havent packed my bags yet but as Im planning a home birth, hopefully I wont need it. I have been told I still have to pack though just in case.

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