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warpig3 | 12:54 Fri 11th Jan 2008 | Pregnancy
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Anyone packed yet?

Well obviously I havent, but then again I havent started my antenatal classes yet either (dont ask, they forgot about me).

So what should I pack? this is what I have come up with so far:

For me

Jammies x 2, slippers, dressing gown.
big knickers x 6 (disposable)
Not so big knickers x 2 or 3
maternity pads
breast pads?
couple of towels
wash bag and all that stuff
antibacterial wipes
clean clothes for going home
litre of vodka
bottled water and snacks
phone topped up.

For baby
baby grows - how many?
socks & hat
Sleep suit thing for bringing her home

[email protected], thats all I can think of, I am presuming someone will give me a list but do I need to bring nappies, bum cream and all that stuff? I have no idea what I am supposed to supply if anything at all.

All suggestions gratefully accepted and any tips too.

Ta muchly


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lol psy, 28 for a month!! omg!
I got into routine of changing baby before each bottle and after every poo he did. That used a lot but there are some babies who cry to be changed every time they wee so that must use a heck of a lot.

'accoutraments'? oh dear warpig, youre in for a fun time lol
log into your boots account online if you can (or pick up a form instore) as you have to register for the parenting club and extra points. You also get various boots offers through the post and a free changing bag.
Hellyon is right, no one mentioned nipple shields or even nipple cream to me til it was too late and feeding was causing me too much pain. I beleive Avent do a nipple cream that you can use before to help prepare nipples for feeding.
I have also pointed out to my boyfriend which formlua milk to buy should breast feeding not work out for me and I send him to get milk. I am also thinking over getting a couple of cartons of the ready made milk to have in case of an emergency ie, baby wont feed and I need the milk quicker than my boyfriend can get some (especially if all the shops are shut!)
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LOL pyschick - 28 nappies for a month, if only!

Ha ha hellyon, might just make him buy the nipple cream for badness, get my own back for all the condoms I had to buy over years.

lol warpig, i doubt youll be worried about condoms for a bit :)

House bricks are cheaper ;)

Can I just point out this baby has no chance in life? If its dad isnt worrying enough, Ive just picked up a bottle of cola to try and spray on instead on body spray!

Please tell me Im going to be ok lol
pmsl @house bricks. What a thought! :)

you really are having a bad day today arent you lol
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lol pyschick, back to bed for you, you will be fine after a nap!
warpig - one bit of advice I will give you, all the books say breast feeding is easy and painless - it's not, it can be toe curling agony. BUT , if you do have problems, stick it out for 10 days and after that I promise it will be fine. And if you have problems getting him/her to latch ask for help.

I'm not obsessive about breast feeding as I know it's not right for some people, however I loved breast feeding my son and when I went back to work I expressed milk even though I didn't seem to have loads (I would only feed him on one side during the night and express the unused one in the morning) my baby thrived and he never had a drop of formula. Everytime I got in from work it was like rebonding with him all over again!

Best of all I didn't have to spend hours preparing formula, warming it up, sterilising bottles, getting bottles ready everytime I wanted to go anywhere - So we could just grab a nappy and go anywhere we liked, whenever we liked. Also it's much easier in the night to grab your baby latch him/her on and snuggle back under the duvet until he/she's finished than getting up and warming a bottle in a cold kitchen.

If you want to go out for the evening just express.

Good luck!

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