Morning Sickness

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somebyrd | 21:33 Mon 07th May 2007 | Pregnancy
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Not sure if I am pregnant or not, if I am its VERY early and wouldn't yet show up on a home pregnancy test.

Jus wondered what others experiences of morning sickness is, when it started etc.

Think its my mind playing tricks on me.



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hiya you :)

some women do feel sick long before a test would show positive.

You know Im keeping everything crossed for you hun.

btw I never got it so cant tellyou when it started.

Keep testing, and keep trying! xxx
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Am so convinced its my mind playing tricks but spotting now gone completely.

Am sure MS wouldn't set in THIS early? But guess everyone is different as is every pregnancy.

I wanna be pregnant together though !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell himself to seduce you this month ;)

x x x x
can you imagine the hell we could cause if both pregnant at same time pmsl. Mad Kel wouldnt know what hit her lol

I got morning sickness i beleive a few weeks after i became pregnant and it last about 4/5 months, gradually calming down slightly!

At first i couldnt eat anything without bringing it straight back up and this usually lasted all afternoon not just in the mornings!
hi there you can get a test callled predictor they are about �3.99p from superdrugs they will tell you if your pregnant the same day your due on your period. they are also as accurate as the doctors tests. so give it a try. i was lucky i only had morning sickness once that coz i didnt eat breakfast. it might just be that your being sick because of the thought that your pregnant, i had a friend like that everytime she thought about a little baby growing inside of her she brought back everything she had eaten. i wish you luck let me know what happens with your test!!! x

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Morning Sickness

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