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langara | 12:09 Sun 20th Feb 2011 | Parenting
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Anyone help, grandson aged 3 came out of pre school on Friday singing something like -
Ashes in the water , Ashes in the sea. They are now on half term so can't ask his teacher, has he got the word ashes wrong, if so anyone know what it can be. Thanks


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fishes in the water
fishes in the sea
we all jump up
with a 1,2,3 ???
It looks as if he's misheard Fishes! There's a rhyme

Fishes in the water, fishes in the sea, we all jump up, with a one two three !
It's Ring a ring a roses. Not sure he's misheard though as there are many different versions. I sing the 'ashes' version too :)
I always sang the ashes version of 'Ring a ring o roses' as a child but fishes seems more common now.
As feebal says Its a different version of Ring a roses
Ring a ring a roses
a pocket full of posies
Atishoo atishoo
we all fall down
ashes in the water
ashes in the sea
we all jump up with a one ,two, three

Is it not an old rhyme to do with the black death? the roses are the round marks on the body, posies mourning flowers. all dead bodies are ashes. somet like that

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