Constant cough/cold

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tgm1974 | 14:43 Mon 07th Feb 2011 | Parenting
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My 3 yr old son is constantly suffering with a cough/cold every week/fortnight. I know it's just one of those kids things but it wipes him out for about 3 days when his cough breaks and he ends up with all the horrid mucus in his belly ... this morning I was coated with a lovely blanket of sick just before school.

Does anyone know or give their children any kind of multi vitamin type
tonic just to keep the "cold/cough" at bay for an extra week or so. Just a silly question as it's getting annoying now and totally draining my son!!


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My 3 year old recently had a persistent cough and cold, producing a lot of mucus/snot (!) and being very chesty. Gp gave him a course of antibiotics (which obviously meant it was more than a viral cough/cold) which cleared him up?
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He's been the Drs on numerous occasions and has courses of antibiotics regularly. Sometimes you feel stupid going the Dr with what seems like a cough/cold but yet again we are back to the coughing through the night where noone gets any sleep, especially my 3 yr old!

We are now back to the dry cough stage and this is resulting in borking or vomiting.

I just wasn't sure the initial signs of some asthma??
Grandson is just the same, especially since he started pre-school, Apparently children get at least 12 colds a year, not much help, just thought you would like to know your'e not on your own

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Constant cough/cold

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