Symptoms of pregnancy.

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Shellywba | 17:08 Mon 07th Mar 2005 | Parenting
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Hiya guys.

This morning around 6am-ish, I woke up. I didn't feel ill, I just needed to be sick. So I went to the bathroom, threw up and then went back to sleep.

I'm worried I'm pregnant. I'm on the pill and my boyfriend sometimes uses a condom, but I forgot to take my pill for the first time ever on Saturday. I took it Sunday afternoon instead. And then this morning, throwing up, I have bad stomach cramps, cravings for food all the time, and odd food too. Like, I'm addicted to curry sauce, chips and peas - together.

I am only sixteen and I really don't want to have a child. I'm too scared to get a pregnancy test, because of the fact of getting one from the chemist. I could ask my boyfriend to buy me one, but I don't wanna worry him yet.

Could this just be me being paranoid or something serious? I am due on my period in a week or so because I will stop taking my pill, and then have my period. Should I wait?



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You can buy some pregnancy tests in the supermarket... you wouldn't have to ask someone to get it over the counter for you. Do you have an older friend you can talk to? Maybe she can help.

But, whatever you do, please do go to see your doctor.

Don't worry - they cannot tell your parents without your permission. But if your condom split, you could be at risk from disease and you need to get this checked out ASAP. The longer you wait the worse it gets!

If you have only forgotten Saturdays pill, then it's very unlikely that you are pregnant, let alone showing symptoms.   You should go to your Doctors asap tho, because anything is possible.

Also, depending on how late you took Saturdays pill, you may not be protected from pregnancy for the next 7 do bear that in mind.

Get your BF to buy a pregnancy testing kit for you.  You shouldn't have to worry alone, especially since it's his responsibility too.

Good luck.

Take all the precautions on the pack ie don't have unprotected sex for 7 days and then test if your period doesn't arrive. You could be pregnant but it's really too soon for you to be getting extreme symptoms. Most women don't feel sick until their period is due or later than that because the hormone levels are so low in the early stages (it took 8 weeks for me to get any symptoms). There's no point testing til your period's due though because the pregnancy hormone levels just won't be strong enough - if they are there at all - to show up on a test. Best of luck.
Get to your GP, if you miss a pill you must continue with the next packet of pills WITHOUT a break, however if you fear you may be pregnant then you are advised to stop taking the pills and visit your GP.  Good luck with whatever else happens X.
it really is unlikely you would be showing signs of food cravings just yet. but with regards to being sick, whether you are pregnant or not you should go to the doctor as there may be something wrong. dont worry, its not as scary as you think and they cannot tell your parents. i bet the doctor will be really understanding. i promise you though, the �not knowing� is way worse than the �knowing�. goodluck.
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I read this today, thinking, "I'm being too paranoid". I really doubt I am pregnant. I just don't understand why I was sick in the morning. Thanks for all your help though. I've stopped worrying now!

Norovirus is going round, which has the symptoms you describe of sickness and fatigue. It usually lasts 24-36 hours. The 'cravings' could be just the fact you are hungry as your stomach is empty and you are craving carbohydrates.  Don't panic just yet; it is highly unlikely you would gain such intense pregnancy symptoms at such an early stage. However, regardless of the nausea and cravings you are experiencing, the fact remains you have had unprotected sex. It goes without saying that it would be wise to take a test if your period is late. Good luck and take care

hey ya'll bout that pregnancy question, well i think im pregnant too, im 15 and on the pill. iv been on it since May 29 2005 and iv only missed like i pill in the past. well august the 27th i didnt used protection. i should be having my period round september 11. iv been having bad cramping and diharea and sleeping more. could i possibily be pregnany??

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Symptoms of pregnancy.

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