Help with 18 month old paddys

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carliex | 11:55 Fri 02nd Jul 2010 | Parenting
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my 18 month old little girl has started being moody all the time, and if she doesnt get her own way she throws herself on the floor pulling her hair and smacking her face! she also finds it funny to hit people in the face and when changing her nappy she kicks me in the face and even when i say no she laughs and does it more. she wont eat anymore with out me distracting her with a toy or cartoon and sneeking a mouth full in every now and again. also dont know what to do about nanna and grandad i live with my parents and if she paddys she gets her own way and they constantly giving her chocolate and crisp which have told them she is only to have every now and again, and at bed time when she is screaming and paddying they tell me o just get her up and that 730 is to early as all there children went to bed when they were ready like 10ish and i feel like the bad one all the time trying to keep her in a routine and stop paddying. iv told them and they say im just being silly shes a baby she doesnt understand but i just want her to grow up into a little girl that people always say shes so well behaived and i want to be close to her not constantly saying no!


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your daughter, your routine. Tell your parents that choc and crisps are a treat.

the paddying and head banging is a phase they all go through. The best way to deal with it is to ignore it, she is doing it for attention and gets it.

if she starts then put her down on the floor and walk away from her, when she stops then talk to her and explain that you dont like her actions.
carliex -- get a grip for goodness sake. This is your child --so you set the rules. What she is doing is normal at this age --testing you .
Tell the grandparents to butt out or you move out. End of.
Sack the grandparents
I understand that if you are living with your parents it must be difficult to be in charge. My youngest daughter was a stroppy mare (even at 9 months old she was awful). I would pick her up, put her on the end of the settee and tell her to calm down (not that she knew what I was on about). She has settled down now and is really well behaved (most of the time). Stick to your guns and stick to your routine (I am very strict about meal times and bed times). Good luck.
all kids are trying at this age ,but your parents and child should adhere to the rules,if she has a paddy tell her no and ignore her behaviour,when she is good give her a little reward,it doesnt have to mean sweets or toys,perhaps a trip to the park,or her favorite dvd,and when she does behave give her a lot of feed back good girl,etc she will learn that the bad behavior is being ignored and the good behaviour is being rewarded,i have bought up 4 boys.and i am a nursery nurse,and have been a childminder mostly working with children under fives, good luck

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Help with 18 month old paddys

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