can i leave home at 16 in uk

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angel38 | 23:00 Thu 01st Jul 2010 | Parenting
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u can leave home whenu turn 16 yes
but u would need to have somewhere to go and its not cheap to live by yourself!!
why do u want to leave so young?
Yes. But think, how would you find somewhere to live, pay for electricity, heating in the winter, food, clothes, and all the other things that you'd need?
The simple answer is "YES".

At the age of 16 you have the right to leave home and, if you so choose, never to have any contact with your parents again. If your parents were to report you as "missing", and the police were to locate you, the police would be prohibited from revealing your whereabouts to your parents without your permission (although they could let them know that you were OK).


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can i leave home at 16 in uk

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