Cold house causing runny nose?

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CiderMonkey | 11:40 Tue 26th Jan 2010 | Parenting
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My partners mum yesterday said that she thought our house was cold and that's why my one year old daughter has a runny nose. I don't think the house is particularly cold. My daughter never looks or feels cold/cool. I sometimes think thier house is too warm, so I guess it's just preferance. I also don't think having a runny nose is a problem, especially at this time of year. She's had a runny nose a few times, but isn't it normal for a toddler? Partners mum seems to think she's had it too many times.

My question is - is it true that having a cooler house will cause colds/runny nose. Perhaps if it is true I ought to ensure we crank the heating up!


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It won't cause a cold but my nose gets runny when I'm cold.
I think a slightly runny nose is preferable to one dried out by too hot an environment. Besides-'runny' is not the same as having a cold-your child is not sick.
Hi cider
I have this fight every winter with my parents. I keep my house clement, I have the heating on in the winter but enough to comfortable, we're not cold but, because my mum keeps her house boiling (She has the heating on in the summer months) she feels my house to be cold and says that my 18 mnth old daughter will be suffering. She sleeps from 7.30pm till 8am everynight and has had one bad cold in her life. My mum suffers from restless sleep (I've no doubt her room is too warm) and has lost 10 days over 3 periods of work this winter from bad colds...go figure. Do whats right for your home hun adn another thing my energy bills are way less than hers.

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Cold house causing runny nose?

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