first walking shoes?

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pinkcowprint | 09:18 Mon 20th Jul 2009 | Parenting
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my son has just started walking and would like to buy him some decent proper walking shoes,im not keen on them in clarks,does anyone know where else i could go?


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i was always advised to not put a child in walking shoes until they had been walking for 6 weeks.

i think as long as you go to a shop that measures you'll be ok

hope this helps
startrite maybe? they are just as dear as clarkes though. John Lewis stores have a lot of children shoe suppliers.

Ive been recommended Chipmunk shoes as being great and good value, but I can only find them online and with the rate that my daughters feet grow i want to try to find them in a store instead.
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hi,just been to that brantano,they told me to wait 8 weeks before putting proper walking shoes on him and to keep him in the soft soled ones till then,so i just bought him some more cute adidas soft trainers till his feet are strong enough.thanks
brantano often has shoes at resonable prices and they do clarks ones in most stores. But watch that his feet are measured properly as some staff arent trained that well.
In fact, i often get my little ones feet checked a couple of places before buying as even clarks staff arent always that good.
i got my daughters off ebay.

thought since her feet are growing so fast i didn't want to waste money then her to grow out of them 3 weeks later. which is exactly what happened.

i got her feet measured at clarks then searched ebay and got a fine pair for a fiver
i get my boys from gordon scott, they are quite dear, i just got there new nursery shoes and cost me 39 pound each but they are measured right and they last. i think they use start rite

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first walking shoes?

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