Daily routine for 2 month old

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CiderMonkey | 14:46 Thu 05th Mar 2009 | Parenting
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I'd be interested to hear what kid of daily routine others have/have had with thier babies.
How much time do you spend giving them your undivided attention to play, how long do you leave them to entertain themselves and doing what (i.e playmat).
Do you only go off and do other things while they sleep, do you take them round with you..?


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at 2 months old, my little one would be asleep a lot of the time.

when not asleep or feeding we would play, or i would get on with things whilst she watched from safety of swing or on a play mat. we'd play peekaboo or Id sing songs.

I have never been one for baby wearing, so dont take baby everywhere i go, but i wont leave a child alone on a play mat for very long (especially if her older brother was about lol)
My two month old slept a lot and was in a pretty good routine (of her own making lol), so I would try to get things done when she was napping and play when she was awake. She had my individed attention pretty much all the time she was awake, but I had the luxury of no other children, being on maternity leave and her being in a good routine and sleeping through the night in her own rooom from 5 weeks. I don't want to sound smug, but I am just saying that the way I did things was only because I had the time to do it - if I had a baby that didn't sleep through the night I would probably have spent her nap times catching up on my own sleep and sod the housework! Obviously there are times when I need to do things and she is awake, so I would leave her in her inflatable ring thingy or on the mat playing, only for a few minutes at a time and only in the next room, but it allowed me to get on with other delights like making bottles and washing up! :-)
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thanks for your answers. My little one doesn't seem to want to sleep much during the day, favouring power naps!
My daughter slept for a short while every 2-3 hours at that age, gradually developing into two naps a day. But she woke many times in the night, has never been great at sleeping through (she is now 3).

Like natalie, she is my first child and I was also on maternity leave so I had time to devote to her. When she was awake I'd feed her (breast-fed, and she fed a LOT!) or play with her. When she was asleep, I'd scurry around like a maniac doing chores or catching up on sleep (didn't get much sleep at night!). I used to carry her around with me in a sling until she got way too big. She always liked that as we were never out of each other's sight and I could talk and sing to her and still get on with some jobs whilst giving her attention - sometimes she'd fall asleep in the sling. I never liked leaving her on her own even for a moment, and she didn't like it either! Children are all different, and it's only now at aged 3 that she plays alone (talks with her teddies!) occasionally, but she's very sociable and prefers interaction with other people. I know other children even from a young age can happily amuse themselves.

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Daily routine for 2 month old

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