access to my daughter?

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thorscraft | 12:25 Tue 20th Jan 2009 | Parenting
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my partner and i seperated 3 years ago and since than she has made it very difficult for me to have contact with my daughter.
my daughter was born before dec 2003 which means i have no parental rights because i wasn't married to her mother. when we split she moved away but wouldn't give me an address or phone number, when i did find it out i went and seeked legal advice to get the ball rolling, when she recieved the first letter, my ex partner moved again not leaving contact details her family refuse to get involve and will not help, my legal representive has told me unless they have an address and name they can no longer help. i currently know that she goes by 3 different names and has also change my daugthers surname.
Can anyone tell me what i can do to get to see my daughter?


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hi is there any reason why she is doing this?

i mean moving around just so you cant see her daughter its asif she is scared of something? or just plain nasty?

i was under the impression you could get parental responsability, my partner did for his eldest and she was also born before 2003

why does she have 3 names?

it all sounds a bit unfair to be honest, im suprised your legal rep isnt willing to help, do you know if she works or is on benefits?? the first thing you need to do it track her down, is your name on the birth certificate?

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access to my daughter?

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