Do parents still collect stuff for schools??

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puddicat | 14:57 Sat 03rd Jan 2009 | Parenting
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I remember when mine were young, i used to keep toilet roll tubes and egg boxes for them,silver bottletops and alike,anyone still do that???


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I used to do it too, puddicat but things have changed and my friend who is a teaching assistant says the children definitely can't use toilet roll tubes due to 'Health & Safety' (groan!) I dare say egg boxes are out due to salmonella and the bottle tops might have bacteria (yawn.....) xx
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yoga we our bit for recycling even then,blinking health and safety!!!
Yep yogasun, me too! When they were in toddlers we still did but now it's against health and safety, in most of our local schools anyway.
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Just collect school computer tokens!
I had the same experience as yogasun - tried to hand stuff in when my two started playgroup. I was told that toilet roll tubes were unhygenic and things like bottle tops and polystrene packing beans were a choking hazard.
Being the irresponsible parent I am i just let my two do the risky activities like glueing junk together at home : ) !
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Tera i think you have to collect thousands of those things just to buy a small item for the school blinkin rip off by these companies!!!!

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Do parents still collect stuff for schools??

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