Daughter has a rash

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Mrs.wchopper | 21:56 Fri 02nd Jan 2009 | Parenting
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My 20 month old daughter has come out in a bad rash all over her body - the rash is blotchy, hot and itchy.
The doctor thinks it's as a result of an allergy as otherwise her form is good.
Has anybody had a similar experience and could give me an idea of how long it might last?
My daughter's been on Piriton syrup for two days now.


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I suppose you have tried the tumbler test? You know, rolling an empty glass over the rash and if it disappears there is unlikely to be anything to worry about.

If all else fails and you are sure it is just an allergy, cool water sponges often work wonders, as does calamine lotion.

If in any doubt at all seek medical help.
Has she been unwell recently? If so, it is likely to be a post viral rash - usually clears up in a couple of days, but can look really unsightly for a while.

If it doesn't clear up fairly quickly, I would take her back to the GP - an allergy rash should respond to Piriton.
Does she have a temperature?
i remember my doctor telling me that if a rash was blotchy it was an allergy if it was spots it was something else, so sounds like an allergy
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Thanks everyone, she was running a bit of a temperature at the start and the we did do the tumbler test but it was fine.
The rash seemed to be clearing up today but then all of a sudden this evening her arms and hands have flaired up again - beginning to wonder if it's something she's coming in contact with.

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Daughter has a rash

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