Where has respect gone?

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joe1 | 19:42 Sat 17th May 2008 | Parenting
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Why is it that many kids of today seem to have no respect for the authority/ Or is it just a myth?


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u r soooooo right, i will do my very best to make sure my kids have respect
I think people are too quick to blame youths, kids only learn what they are taught. If you are not shown any respect from your parents or peers then how are you to learn how to treat other people properly? I think the parents have a lot to learn nowadays and are too quick to blame the younger generations.
So according to natalie_1982, we are screwed. We can't go back in time so that the parents could teach and show respect to their children, and since these children don't know how to respect others, they will not teach respect to their children. It's a feedback loop. Hopefully, some of these children will learn about respect the hard way when they grow up. At some point you have to blame the children for their own actions!

It's really up to parents like ethanryan who decide that their kids will learn respect!
I feel it's due to lack of boudaries, both in the home and school.

Parents and schools now have their hands tied as far as discipline goes and we have children having children. Violent, disrespctful behaviour is readily available to view on TV, the internet and via video games. Is it really any wonder.
Yes, because that is exactly what I said newtron. We are all doomed, because ALL children act like yobs and ALL parents are incapable. Well done.

P.S. Either it is the parents or it isn't. On one hand you are mocking my opinion that it is down to the parents, on the other you're stating it is down to parents like Ethanryan to start making a difference.
The myth is the "these days" bit

I doubt there was ever a generation who said "You know kids are really great"

There are certainly plenty of ancient greek and Roman writings who echo you.

I certainly recall older people bemoaning "kids these days" when I was in my late teens.

In the 60's it was Mods and rockers rioting on Brighton seafront

Go back to the 50's it was all concern about Teddy Boys and cut throat razors or motorcycle gangs films like "the wild one" with James Dean fed off these fears much the way the papers do with Hoodies now.

In Victorian Times it was street gangs in London

Give it 40 years and half the yobs you're talking about will be going on about "kids these days" themselves
Exactly, Jake.........

And I'd be interested to know precisely which generation will accept the blame as being the link which failed. The one that neglected to pass 'respect' on to their children.......or was it ever thus ?
I definitely feel that parents play a large part in how their children grow up, but I think that it is obvious that many children that might not have been taught respect by their parents learn how to be respectful on their own. As Jake said, there has always been yobs. Many might argue that it is or isn't worse than it used to be. My wife has taught middle school and high school here in the Western US and the stories that she used to tell me made it seem like tings are much different than they were when I was in school, and I do think it is due to what Velvetee said about boundaries and discipline. My wife would get cussed out on a daily basis, and was hit by students several times. When I was in school, you would immediately be kicked out for those types of offences. These days, they might put the kid in detention for a cuople of days.
It's funny, the only teacher that was not abused by the children was a man who had taught at the same school for 30+ years. Many of the kids parents had had him as a teacher when you could physically discipline the children. Apparently, the stories the parents told their kids about that teacher put a little healthy fear into their children. My wife said that his classroom was always very quiet and well behaved.
That's rubbish newtron.

It's not fear. It's the ability to generate resopect.

I'm sure we all knew them at school, the weak teachers with no self confidence who could be bullied by the kids. They didn't usually last long and at the same time there were those who had the respect of the class but you could never quite work out why. Just natural leadership I guess.

I hope you remember a teacher or two like that, you missed out if you didn't.

One thing that has changed though is that in some areas of the country especially London, the population density has gone up. So it stands to reason that you'd expect the "thug density" to go up too. Also certain aspects of the media love a good "hell in a handbasket story" so will report them more.

My advice is to get out of the city. I was born in London but now I live in a rural part of the South Midlands and if you go out and forget to lock your door you will still come back and find your TV where you left it.

Manchester London and Birmingham is not the whole country!
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It's not quite the same now as when teddy boys went around with chains and cut throat razors. We have a major problem, especially in London with children who carry knives and guns. It's becoming almost pandemic and so many young people have been maimed or lost their lives at the hands of another child or teenager.

When I was a child, yes there were disputes between kids, but it was resolved with a bit of fisticufs. I don't recall anyone producing a knife or gun. The school around the corner from where I live was in the news recently, as a 14 year old stuck a pair of scissors into the head of another pupil. There are a number of other violent incidents ocurring there too and the Headmistress has been criticised for being unable to maintain order.

It's not the same as in "the old days". Something has gone very very wrong.
Sorry Jake it is not rubbish. Even he admits the kids fear him slightly. I do remember the different types of teachers, and in the classes that the teachers were in the most control, a small amount of fear was always a factor. You didn't fool around because he/she would not take any crap. Most teachers are good hard working people, but many of them are unhappy with their job because the administration does not work for them. The discipline factor also plays a big role. And Mr. Bush's "No child Left Behind" act has even made it worse. My wife had some severely mentally disabled children in her regular class. Before "No Child Left behind", those children would be in special classes because they need extra attention. The education system here in the US is broken! I think the main problem is that most people don't see education as a investment.

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