My Mother Hates my Girlfriend

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gjsports | 17:49 Wed 13th Jun 2007 | Parenting
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I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 3 years now I am 22 and she is 21. Everytime I look at my life I see her in it she is very important to me, but my problem is with my mother. When we first started dating my mom allowed her to stay the night knowing my mother this wasn't odd for her to do. However, the next morning my mom seemed upset and ****** off. The next time she stayed the night my mom flipped out and got really upset. When I talked to her afterwards she told me she had lost respect for her, and me. She thinks that I should have stayed on the couch which looking back maybe I should have but my mom also said that my girlfriend has no self respect. Needless to say once most of my family found out they totally were against us being together. As the relationship went on I moved out bc I couldn't stand to live at home when this happened they blamed it on her. Now the problem is that both our parents have talked they think that the whole relationship is a lost cause but we both see that we love each other. She really wants to work at it, I just want to have both. I have always wanted my family and my partner to get along is there any hope or should we just take our licks and forget about it?


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did anything happen that night to upset your mum? you shouldnt forget about it though, you need to follow your heart what ever as happened
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Nothing that I know of especially nothing done by me
did ur gf do anything? could your mum have heard u getting up to things and this as bothered her? maybe she did like her but then thought u both took things too fast too soon, hence she lost respect for u both?? i dunno its a tricky one
Whatever you two did that night, was really that bad that it has allowed this to go on for so long?

From what I have got from this, you and your girlfriend both really really love each other and have stuck with each other throughout. That is what really matters!!

Am I right in thinking you and your girlfriend are always there for each other and great support for each other?

I hope you dont mind me saying this, but it seems all is ok til your mother talks to someone, then that someone is against your relationship?

Maybe you should sit with your mother and find out exactly what the problem is and how you can work on it, with your mother, to fix it (other than finishing with your girlfriend!) Make her see how much you two love each other, and make sure your mother realises SHE forced to move out with her actions.....not your girlfriend!
my husbands mum hates me, always has. i believe she's jealous. She got so bad that we hardly spk and she very rarely sees her two beautiful grandchildren, even though shes on 5 mins down the road. If you feel that strongly about your gf, stick to your guns stay with her and tell your mum, politely, that shes just gonna have to get used to it.
i think its nice that you stuck by your girlfriend when all of this went on. you two deserve eachother. alot of times peoples parent dont like their bfs/gfs , but its not the parents decision. your mother should respect your descision and just be glad to know that you two are happy with eachother. if you try to do something just for her then oyu may really lose out on something great!!!

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My Mother Hates my Girlfriend

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