Getting to Sleep at night - problems

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LizB99 | 17:35 Wed 01st Nov 2006 | Parenting
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My 7 year old daughter has started having real problems in settling down for the night. She goes up to bed at 7.45 on school nights, a little later during holidays. She'll read for a while, but I feel she should be a sleep by around 8.30-8.45, but lately this rarely happens. She'll be up and down to the loo every 15 mins, or calling out about something (to hot / cold etc) Sometimes it can be 9.15 - 9.30 pm before shes asleep. We've had chats about worries etc - but that doesn't seem to be the problem. I even took her to the doctors to have her bladder checked out!
Once shes gone, she sleeps really well, and until around 7.15 in the morning. Am I worrying about nothing, as she doesn't seem tired during the day?


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I had the same problem with my daughter a couple of years ago, there were no underlying problems ie bullying at school ect, she is 10 now and still has trouble settling at night but like your daughter once she is gone she sleeps well. I dont worry too much as she is having plenty of sleep she usually drifts off around 9.30 - 9.45 and sleeps til 7.30 and never seems tierd during the day. As long as she is not showing signs of tierdness during the day and is not worried about anything try not too worry.
I'm not having a go. It really sounds like you're putting her to bed too early. If she's not sleeping until 9:15 - an hour and a half after you've put her to bed, then that would indicate she's not ready to sleep. Especially as she's not tired the nest day. I feel awful if I've tossed and turned for an hour and a half before sleeping, don't you? ( And I understand this isn't what she's doing, although what does the calling and complaining suggest to you?)
Would keeping her up another half hour be a real problem? She still needs the wind down time - reading - but she only needs one trip to the loo and one drink etc.
If she's not tired don't worry, and I do tend to agree with Essjay, maybe you are sticking her in bed a little earlier than her natural sleep pattern needs. Try her up for a while longer and see how she goes.
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Thanks for your comments.
Perhaps you're right about getting her to bed too early, so may try a little later and see how it goes.
(Although last weekend we were at a family gathering - she didn't go to bed until around10.30 on the Saturday, and was still up and bright at 7.15 - What is it with kids !!!
I have a 7yr old DD and you could have been describing my DD in your post. Personally, I dont think 7.45 is too early for bed but again my DD stays awake until 9-10pm.

I have more or less accepted it now, the only thing is that she is not allowed anything after 8.30 i.e. playing games etc. She soon drops off then! I wouldnt worry too much, every now and then she will go to bed early and sleep straight away, probably her lack of sleep catching up on her.

Just think when she is a teenager she will want to get her beauty sleep!!!

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Getting to Sleep at night - problems

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