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John_Virgo | 20:58 Sun 13th Aug 2006 | Parenting
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I smack my children when they are naughty, but my wife says its wrong to kick them - is she having me on or is that true?


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Of course its wrong. I wouldnt even kick a dog!

How can you ever teach your children not to do anything if you do it.

My mum gave me a slap on the bum when i needed it but thats it. She never ever kicked me or anything at all like that.
Kids need a good thrashing. Next time your wife tells you not to kick, give her a kick up the 'you know what'. Let her know who the daddy

You have got to be kidding! Thats horrid. Kids arent punch bags. They cant hardly defend themselves. They wont be getting bullied at school its at home.

Etteloc, I think you'll find this is another sick wind up. Some people get their kicks by posting this kind of questions because they crave an attention that they most likely do not get in real life. Sad. Please ignore.

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Getting my kicks

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