15yr old Daughter wants tongue piercing

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raynoid | 20:30 Thu 20th Jul 2006 | Parenting
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My 15yr old daughter seems dead set on getting her tongue pierced. Seems her mates are doing it first. What we want to know is whether it is still within our legal rights as parents to prevent this, or whether she can legally do what she likes in this area? (BTW, just fact-finding at the moment, not judging or definitely planning to try to block it!)


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if im right, you have to be 16 years of age to get your tongue pierced. i know its 16 for belly button piercings.
The local tattoo/piercing studios round this area (harrogate, yorkshire) all state that they wont pierce anyone under the age of 16, and tattoo anyone under the age of 18.
however, that is only in reputable places, i reckon an awful lot of places unless your daughter looks incredibly young for her age would bother asking for ID.

i dont know if anywhere still does, but i remember when my friend got her belly button pierced at 15 she was only allowed to get it done as long as she had a parent/guardian there to sign something.

I would say that most places would not do a tongue piercing on anyone under 16.

i myself am 17 and i got my tongue pierced 2/3 weeks ago, and i was never asked for ID or asked for my age.

i hope this helps.
raynoid - If you go on (u.k only) & type in tongue piercing in the search bar, it will bring up a thread by the BBC News Health ( tongue piercing can be fatal )
This article can be printed off & given to your daughter, I'm sure after reading this she will think twice about it!
skyep i dont agree with your answer, i dont think you should scare someone into not getting something done. i think that if your not wanting her to get it done raynoid you should perhaps just tell her to think about it, and then when she is old enough she can go ahead with it. i think it would be wise for her to read up on the subject first, instead of rushing into it, because as with any piercing there are risks if not pierced properly (tell her its very important to go to a reputable place) or looked after properly.
Tongue piercing has to be well thought about and looked into, as you have to realise that you're probably not gonna be able to eat for a few days or talk properly!!!
Warn her though that you have to clean it regularly, more so than ear piercings or belly button piercings. it needs cleaning after anything eaten or drinken that isnt water & once on a morning and a night too.
missjef - As a broadminded mother who advised her daughter not to have a tattoo, but let her in the end make up her own mind, I would say I was putting the facts in front of raynoid for her daughter to read & make her own judgement. Like you, my daughter was not asked her age, in any case if a person is determined enough it's hard for someone to prove otherwise. If raynoids daughter still wants to go ahead with a piercing, then at least her parents have given her all the facts!
skyep sorry about that, i misread it, i just took it as you trying to scare! i understand totally now that you have explained.

missjef - It's all good lively discussion :0)
Hi all
I think you should advise your daughter of the health risks with having peircings, but I would also advise not to come down too strongly on her. I feel that if I was given the responsibility to make my own adult, thought out decisions I probably wouldn't have had the peircings I did.
By 17 I had my tongue, nippple, belly button (3 times), nose and ears peirced, and had a tattoo. I particularly regret the tatto but because I was literally banned from leaving the house I guess it was a subconscious rebellion thing. If I was given the choice and the facts I probably would have given myself more time and made a more mature decision. Also, if your daughter is likely to do this surely it is better you accompany her to a reputable place than her go with a gaggle of friends to a backstreet joint?
I personally don't think a tongue peircing is too bad; any peircing involes a risk, but a tongue can be hidden (I wore a small silver stud to work and nobody really knew it was peirced).
Perhaps you could compromise, say in 4 weeks if you still feel the same and have shown that she has researched it herself and promises to keep smaller studs in when at school/ college / work/ nan's house then she is free to wear more decorative ones when out with friends?
Just wanted to add something - my younger sister recently had her tongue pierced and within a few months took it out. Some of my friends have also had this done in the past and also took them out within a few months. If she's so determined to do it then I would let her (as long as she goes to a reputable place and looks after it) because sooner or later she will get fed up of it and take it out. In my opinion anyway.
Unlike tattooing, there is no statutory age limit for ear piercing or cosmetic body piercing within England and Wales. However, many local authorities have used licensing powers to impose licence conditions relating to the age of the client.

�Some allow no body piercing (except ears, nose and navel) below the age of 18 years;
�Some impose no age restrictions;
�Others allow only �above the belt� piercing at age 16 � 18 years or require either proof of ID or an adult�s consent for this age range;
�Others stipulate under 16 year piercing only with a parent or guardian present.

So it is unlikely that your daughter will be able to have the piercing carried out by a reputable establishment without your consent. However, as has been mentioned, not all establishments are reputable.
I had my tongue pierced when I was 18, quite on impulse and without even really thinking about it. I took it out when I was 21 for my wedding, as I didn't think the vicar would apprieciate spotting a flash of metal as I said my vows!!

The facts are this - if you let your daughter know that you don't necessary agree with the piercing, but you will go with her as you respect her individuality, you have an opportunity to make sure that she goes to a reputable piecer and you will see for yourself the hygiene standards. (Plus you will suddenly become the greatest Mum EVER!!)

If you do try to stop her, she will sneak out with her friends to a dodgy outlet and have it done there, which is far more likely to end in tears and potentially cause her injury if they are not as reputable.

My tongue piercing was great, I loved it, and now, as a married mum of two and 25 yrs old I am seriously considering having it done again.
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Thanks for all your comments. Nice pictures saxy_jag.... glad it's been a while since I ate my dinner! ;P
i am nearly 15 now and i had my tongue pierced at 13! it is pain free when frozen and looks great! my mum is now even thinking of having hers done! why not just let her have it done? she will thank you for it xx
Why does anyone want to have their tongue pierced ? This is a genuine question ,no daft answers thank you .
The real problem is not about wether to pierce or notShe is trying to take control of something in her life. Can I ask do you still clean her bedroom tidy her things do all her ironing? My daughter was the same age as your daughter I gave her full control of her bedrom. She was responsible for putting the washing she wanted doing in a basket outside her room I would give her clean bedding but it was up to her when she changed the bed I DID NOT ENTER THE ROOM WITHOUT HER PERMISSION Give her something to be in control of and she may forget about the piercing.
i think thats aloada rubbish because i am responsible for everything in my life. i tidy my room, do my washing etc and my mum doesnt come in without asking but i stil wanted it done. i dont see what the big deal is. why is it so bad that she shouldnt be allowed to have it done? she is nearly 16 now and perhaps needs to be treated a bit more like an adult seen as she is nearly legal to smoke and have sex, arent the effects of those more distructive than a tongue piercing?
i agree with x carling x about having responsibilty, my mum doesn even come in my room, and i have have still wanted and got piercings, i dont see how that should make a difference, she is still going to want to get it done i think.
ok... im 14 and I want my tounge peirced so bad that i want to actually do it myself but its to dangerous... let her get it done... trust me she WILL do it her self
well all teens go thru this stage, wanting their belly eyebrow tounge, whatever peirced. the thing is beeing resonable whith your daughter about it, if you dont agree then you dont agree the legal age is 16 so if you dont agree now its not long before she can go out and get it done on her own. im 16 just turned. i wanted my toung peirced for ages and when i found out their is vaines in your toung and if the person who is peircing you toung hits one of the wrong vains you could die.. i think you should talk thru the possibiltys of infections and ect with your daughter, i know one thing yes i want my tounge peirced but i still get scared if they hit the wrong vain and i bleed to death all becuase i wanted my toung done, ask your daughter to wait a while untill she is 16 and legal to proceed with the peircing maybe she will have thaught long and hard or maybe even went off the idea :) x
In the UK you can have it done between the ages of 14-16 but MUST have parental consent & it is still at the descretion of the piercer. If she gets it done without your permission you should report the matter to the police and the British Body Piercing Association - but be prepared that your daughter may be questioned if she's lied about her age or falsified a consent.

You are within your parental rights to prevent it in as much as if you know where she's going to get it done you can contact them expressly refusing.

My daughters friend (only 14!!) has just had this done and I'm livid at the idea. Her mother took her willingly. I really do despair.

I have no problems with piercings (have a few myself) or tattoos etc but anything I've ever had done was post 16 (with the exception of having my ears pierced) and paid for with my own hard earned money. However at 14/15 a child is NOT capable of making a decision about something which will affect them for the rest of their lives - leaving them with a scar of some sort & with potentially dangerous consequences.

Good luck

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