Kids on holiday - drinking

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suzi-q | 14:50 Mon 26th Jun 2006 | Parenting
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We are taking our 16 yr old son and his friend also 16 on holiday to Greece this year.

They want to go off and do their own thing and as its our first holiday together since we've been together my hubby and I want some long awaited "us" time.

We are trying not to be naive and expect they will probably have a couple of drinks in the evenings.

However I'm worried that they will over do it, either come back and be sick everywhere, or get picked on or worse.

Has anyone any good advice, tips on how to accommodate all our needs?


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let them drink but the only rule is alcohol means staying in the hotel complex, f they want to explore the resort then they have to stay sober or say its ok anywhere but if they abuse it the first time out say its not allowed at all have a great time
It's simple boys - behave like adults, we treat you like adults, behave like children, we treat you like children.

Have a drink in moderation with friends on the complex, stay sober outside, for safety reasons. Learn your limit, stick to it. Being legless is imature, ugly and stupid. It's also childish - childish people get grounded.

OK boys, now, armed with that information, have a wonderful holiday, but remember, 'children' get grounded, holiday or no holiday.
Let them go off on their own say after tea then tell them they have to be back at the hotel complex for 10.30pm and if they betray your trust and come back drunk you will keep them with you for the rest of the holiday... Also tell them If they stick to the rules, they can have one night at the end of the holiday unitl 11.30pm hopefully this will be enough to keep them in line.

Also if you are giving them the money to go out, don't overpay them.

Also have faith, trust your Son, I am sure he will do right by you.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday.
We went abroad for the first time last year with 15 year old twin boys and 12 year old twins. Told the older ones they could go out until 12.00. They were back every night by 11.00 and spent the whole night at the arcade just down the street. We let them have a beer with their meal. They were fine.

Good idea some one had about giving them a little money so they can't have a lot to drink, ours had 20 euros a day and were quite happy, they are not used to getting money like that, one spent it all the other came back with100 euros (typical).

We are going back this year but leaving one of the older ones behind (he hates us at the moment, at teenage thing). His older sister is keeping an eye on him, only hope the neighbours will still be talking to us when we get back lol.

Go and enjoy yourself and I am sure they wil behave.
Firstly, it's doubtful they'll get picked on or anything like that.

My opinion would be to let them get on with it, if they are sick all over the place make them clean it up - they'll not be happy and hopefully learn a lesson!

Probably more helpful advice would be madham's curfew and money one though.
try and give your son a curfew so your not worrying all night .

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Kids on holiday - drinking

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