Starting 6 month old on baby rice

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Ali268 | 04:06 Thu 22nd Jun 2006 | Parenting
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I have just started my 6 month old baby on baby rice... I had some breast milk stored in the freezer which I used to mix it, but quickly ran out. I didn't want to use formula as when I gave that to her she had a terrible nappy rash, so I've been using cooled boiled water... says it's okay on the box but now everywhere else I read says do NOT use water to mix it. I have been using a tiny bit of breastmilk, but mostly water.... what should I do???


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if it says use water on the packet its fine, dont panic, just keep an eye on her if you think she may get a tummy ache or something but i cant see a problem here.
I think people just say not to use water because giving milk in there cereals is another way of getting the milk into them. If it says on the packet its fine, then it will be, just as long as your happy that shes getting enough milk (which she prob is if she has been soley breast fed for 6 months!)
You can actually give cows milk from 6 months (in her food), again they say not to feed it as a drink, because formula has more goodies in it, but there is still more calcium in cows milk than in water!
Good luck!

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Starting 6 month old on baby rice

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