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B00 | 18:57 Fri 31st Mar 2006 | Parenting
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Is there only me who finds earrings on young children and especially babies revolting?

I went shopping today (I do go out occasionally!) and I lost count of the number of toddlers I saw with them in.

My baby is 16 months old and she better not want her ears piercing till she's at least 12!!!


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Personally I think it's adorable. Not anything dangly, but cute little pearls, or studs. To each their own I guess.

Now make-up on young girls i think is totally tacky. Kids should be kids as long as they can, I didn't start wearing make-up on a regular basis till I was 18. My 12 year old cousin wears make-up, eyeliner lipstick blush--all of it,..and yet she still plays with dolls. I teach dance and this 8 year old girl who is a sweetie and she wears a training bra already but still has the body of a little boy!

My daughter had hers done when she was 9 1/2. Almost a year later, they're still sore (thanks mainly to the school who won't let her wear them during the day, so I'm almost re-piercing the hole on a daily basis). But my point is, is it fair to put a young child through this pain and possible infection? At least my daughter was old enough to decide for herself, and even now, I tell her she can let them heal up if they're too painful, but she always chooses to perservere.
I agree, B00, I hate it! It really makes my blood boil, they're only bubbas and don't get the choice as xanderma said. x
i see nothing wrong with that, i think it's nice. as long as they are not hanging and dangling. i don't like seeing men in earings.
Earings should never cause pain, and if they are you may want to by real gold, or sergical steal posts to heal it. A child should never be in pain cause of earings, especially on a regular basis?

I used to own a beauty salon and refused to pierce the ears of any child who had not requested this of their parents.

Babies and young girls look like gippos with pierced ears...or maybe it would be a 'chav' now!

One day there will be a court case where a child sues its parents because of this. I think it is something that should not be allowed until 16 and the child knows exactly what is involved, and also it is not without danger ... I know it is rare but there are some horrible cases where it goes wrong. Totally agree with those who find it distasteful.

When in the world has earpeircing seriously hurt a child? I guess maybe if you take your child to an ally in Manhatten, but my goodness ladies its just little wholes with cute pearls in them. You all must really flip when you see what tribal women do to their children.
that am true my missus jus ate me last two boys

but she am spat out de earring -lucky

dont want missus choke do i?

My mum had my ears pierced at 6 weeks old - It was the beginning of many all of which I love. Personally I wouldnt pierce my baby, that would be his/her choice but I am glad she started mine off for me.
I would like to point out that some people are actually allergic to 'Real gold'
And young babies do not have much resistance to infection and tetanus can also be a risk .. they can also catch the earring or pull on it ...

See here :

Over 12 months at our accident and emergency department in Cardiff we saw 32 cases of embedded earrings, mostly in children. Nine of the 32 cases showed signs of infection and these were all in the younger age groups. All patients presenting with an embedded earring required a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic to remove the retained piece. In a survey of ear piercing in the general population presenting to the department, 200 consecutive patients (100 male and 100 female) were seen. Half of each group were under 14 years old. Of the girls under 14, the average age of piercing was 4 years (range 6 months to 10 years); of those over 14, the average was 18 years (range 1-60 years). A similar trend was seen in the males but with fewer ears pierced in total.
Ear piercing among children seems to be on the increase and is being performed at an earlier age with each generation, with some of today's generation having their ears pierced as neonates. Well recognised complications include infection, allergy, inhalation, keloid, and embedding.*RF 1-4* No useful guidelines have as yet been described except to suggest that ear piercing should not be performed in young children. Children should be involved in their health care according to their age and maturity rather than becoming "passive recipients" of their parents' views. Infants have not had the opportunity to make an informed decision. In older children, inappropriate advice and direction was present.

I cannot agree with you ENOUGH on this one B00. I think it looks absolutely appalling as well as dangerous. Young children are into everything with no sense of fear - it'd only take for it to get caught on something to rip it out. Not something I'd fancy myself.

I've just seen a baby of 10 weeks ears peirced I think it's awful why should parents be able to disfigure their babies?

dancealot - she DOES have real gold earrings - despite her many attempts to get me to let her wear cheap & cheerful stuff!

Her ears were pierced with titanium and then she swapped to gold after about 3 months, but she's still having trouble. I agree with greedyfly, some people just can't tolerate various metals - and if it's a baby, IMO this just makes it worse.

I'm still with BOO, I think it looks awful on a young child - I wouldn't let mine out wearing lippie and eyeliner, so why should jewellery be any different ( and DON'T get me started on high heeled shoes for 5-year olds!!!)

in some countries it is culture, but here it seems to be a fashion thing. and its not just girls, i have seen little boys with an earring !!!!!

my 2 eldest had to wait until they were 9 and we discussed the pros and cons with them before they decided.fortunatley school allows the earrings to stay in for PE and just covers them with tape.

I totally agree Boo. I think it looks a bit chavvy. Also the little 'uns are too young and too active for it not to be risky.
Totally agree with you Boo,why afflict pain on a little 'un,just for your own pleasure,it's not practical or safe.Read lady_p_golds statistics & draw your own conclusions.

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